Multi-Process Control Trainer Model PCT 027

Sci-tech Process Control Trainer Model PCT 027 is comprehensive 4 in1 process trainer, which designed to enhance student study of industrial process control; the field covers fluid process control of pressure, flow, and level & temperature technology.

The components incorporated are all industrial standard, high performance PID controller allows various flexibilities in process control and learning process.  The trainer consists of rectangular skid platform, two unit water tank, process control valve, pressure gauges, temperature transmitter and manual control valve. All of these components are mounted on one skid. It is ready to use, need minimal installation works at side.

Item Description


  1. Basic pressure control technology
  2. Basic flow control technology
  3. Basic level control technology
  4. Basic temperature control technology
  5. Understanding of the level, pressure, temperature & flow transmitter calibration and installation.
  6. Understanding the operation and sizing calculation of the control valve.
  7. Learning the effect and setting of P, I & D parameter in process control. Student can adjust the proportional (P), integer (I) & derivative time constant (D) to monitor the process efficiency.
  8. Familiarize the industrial standard control system.
  9. Practice and learning of interface the process plant to DCS or PLC control system.

Technical Specifications

Microprocessor based controller, PID function and ON/OFF control.

Input: 4 to 20mA, output: 4 to 20mA.

Pressure pump

PH control pump: 0 to 20 liter per hour.

Pressure head: 5 bars.

Power: 1.5kw, 230Vac

Tanks: 50 liter MS tank coated with epoxy paint.

Pipe line: G.I pipe

Control valve: diaphragm actuator control valve, PN16, DN25.

I/P converter: input: 4 to 20mA, 3 to 15 psi.

E/P positioner: input: 4 to 20Ma

Data acquisition system

  • Latest model Pentium PC
  • Science tech data acquisition software, able to record the trend graphs, data logging, process control, real time display & SPC report

Trainer dimensions: 1800H x 3000L x 1500D mm

 Weight: approx. 160kg