Angular Displacement Kit Model PCT 004

Transducer /Sensor
– Capacitive Level Transducer.
– Resistive Transducer using multi turn potentiometer.
– Angular Measurement of 0° to 360°.

Item Description

Measurement Options
– On-board Digital Panel Meter provided.
– Output available on 2mm Banana sockets for Monitoring.
– Protractor for angle measurement

Technical Specifications

Onboard Features
– Onboard Instrumentation Amplifier provided.
– Block Description Screen printed on glassy epoxy PCB.
– On board Protractor for angle measurement.
– Facility to Interface with PC (Optional).
– Facility to Interface with 8085/86/51 kit(Optional).

– All interconnections are made using 2mm banana Patch cords.
– Test points are provided to analyze signals at various points.
– All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets.
– Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB is used.
– In-Built Power Supply of +5V/1.5A, ±12V/250mA with Power ON indication.
– Set of 2mm Patch cords for interconnections
– User’s Manual with sample experimental programs.