About Scitech

‘Sci-tech’ is the brainchild of experienced technically qualified engineers started way back in 2001-2002. We have been manufacturing and supplying to schools and vocational training institutes in England and other parts of Europe.

With the Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation manufacturing shifting base to far eastern countries, ‘Sci-tech’ started upgrading it’s manufacturing to high technology trainers for supplies to vocational training and universities.

‘Sci-tech’ was able to break ground in highly demanding markets in middle east oil rich countries and south east Asian countries in a few years time. At the same time ‘Sci-tech’ started offering on OEM basis their trainers to reputed companies in Europe USA.

Today, Sci-tech’ has taken lead in supplies of educational trainers in the field of ‘Electronic Engineering’; ‘Electrical Engineering’; ‘Civil Engineering’; ‘Automotive Engineering’; ‘Hydraulic-Pneumatic Engineering’; ‘Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Engineering’ & ‘Aerodynamic Engineering’.

Many of the trainers are supplied with SCADA, DAQ-LABVIEW, etc computer interface & softwares.

‘Sci-tech’ has supplied more than 10,000 instruments/equipment, more than 1000 trainers in all parts of the world with regular repeat orders from satisfied and happy universities/institutes

‘Sci-tech’ specializes in engineering and designing special trainer to meet buyer/customer specifications.

‘Sci-tech’ employs production personnel of 30 skilled workers, office staff of 10, 4 managers, 2 design engineers and 3 installation/service engineers.

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