Flow and Level Cascade Process Trainer Model PCT 028

Sci-tech Flow and Level Cascade Process Trainer Model PCT 028 is designed to enhance student understanding of the operating principal of the industrial process control of level cascade flow technology.

Using scaled down miniature industrial flow and level control plant, consisting of two water tanks, upper and lower tanks, with circulating pump which will circulates the water for lower tank to upper tank, if the level of the upper tank reaches the required level, then the bypass valve starts opening to divert the flow back to the pump inlet. Student can experience the method of adjusting the bypass valve and experience the application of the plant system.

Item Description

Practical Possibilities:

  • Calibration of flow sensor.
  • Calibration of by pass control valve.
  • Manual mode control of the by pass valve.
  • Auto mode with PID controller control of the control.
  • Study and characteristics of the by pass valve.
  • Study and characteristics of the PID controller
  • Flow control using flow sensor and by pass valve.
  • Internal PID control, PC control & external control.

Technical Specifications


  • Lower tank of 7 liter, with spillway and drainage.
  • Upper tank of 5 liter, with spillway.
  • One unit of centrifugal pump.
  • One variable area flow meter.
  • By pass valve DN15, with motorize actuator.
  • Metallic casing, panel, piping and connection in stainless steel.
  • Control and data acquisition software.
  • Failures and breakdowns can be simulated.
  • Anodized silk screen aluminum pads, with silk screen deotric, hydraulic circuit on the unit
  • Pump size: 3.5 liter/min, 3m head.
  • Trainer dimension (approx) : 600 x 600 x 800 mm (H x W x L).
  • Water line with filter, tap for inlet water.
  • High end digital PID controller with 3 analog input, PC software monitoring, RS232 serial interface PC.
  • RS 485 serial interface for industrial LAN.


 Required Services

  • Power supply : 220-240Vac, 50Hz.

● Domestic water supply for filling the tanks.