Gas Process Trainer Model PCT 026

Sci–tech Gas Process Trainer Model PCT 026 consists off 3 modules, i..e.. Pressure, Temperature, Flow process module.

Item Description

The temperature module is designed to enhance student study of air heating process control. By using the industrial standard PID controller, the student can gain the hand on training and experience the real time process control.

The module consist of steel frame structure, air pipe line made of mild steel, which able to operates in closed loop and open loop flow by means of switch the fresh air intake valve.  High power electric heating is incorporated in the pipe line, provides heating of air.  Air temperature sensor is incorporated in the inlet and outlet of air heater. They are feedback to temperature PID controller.

The experience is carried out by adjusting the control temperature SV to preset value, the controller would compare the process value with set value. Through PID algorithm calculation, the controller set output to control heater relay. Hence heating of air is achieved.

Student can experience different setting of P, I & D parameter effect the response of control loop. A strip recorder provides the historical record of the process change event records.

Technical Specifications

  1. 2” MS pipe line coated with epoxy paint.
  2. Electric heater 2000W, fin type. 230Vac 50Hz,
  3. Temperature probe PT100.
  4. Air damper valve motorize operated type.
  5. PID microprocessor based controller, input 4 to 20mA, output 4 to 20mA.
  6. Strip chart recorder , input 4 to 20mA
  7. Rota meter for air flow measurement.

 The air pressure control module is designed to enhance student to study the air pressure control loop. The control loop is control by powerful PID microprocessor based controller, student can able adjust the P, I & D parameter so that they can experience industrial process control technology.

The module consist of Rectangular steel frame, inside it consist of two pressure vessel, 1st pressure vessel is to store the air supply from air supply line, 2nd pressure vessel is an test chamber, where the final control pressure is being measure. Each pressure vessel is incorporated safety relief valve for safety operation of student.