Reverse Osmosis Unit Model TH 047

– Designed to demonstrate Reverse Osmosis process used in distillation of water.
– Corrosion resistant components used in the trainer.
– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary measuring instruments & Safety Devices.

Item Description

Scitech Reverse Osmosis Unit Model TH 047 is designed to demonstrate water distillation using Reverse Osmosis Technique. The setup consists of a raw water tank fitted with stirring machine. A pump draws salty water from the raw water tank to the spiral wound membrane module. The distilled water & concentrated salt solution are separated & can be collected separately or discharged in to the raw water tank. A distilled water tank is provided for flushing the system. Conductivity sensors are provided to measure the salt concentration at different points. Measuring instruments are provided to measure flow rate & pressure at different locations.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Removal of solvent from a salt solution using reverse osmosis
– Polyamide spiral wound membrane module
– Piston pump with pulsation damper for pressure generation
– Overflow valve to adjust the pressure upstream of the membrane module
– Valve to adjust the retentate flow rate
– Raw water tank with stirring machine to prepare a salt solution
– Tank for distilled water to flush through the spiral wound membrane module
– Tank to collect the permeate
– Safety cut out to protect the pump against dry running
– Spiral wound membrane module
– Active area:1.2m²
– Raw water flow rate max.23L/min
– Length: Approx. 500mm
– Diameter approx. 60mm
– Piston pump
– Max. flow rate approx. 425L/h
– Max head: approx. 700m
– Stirring machine
– Power consumption: 140W
– Speed 30.. 1000 min¯¹

* Tanks
– Raw water (salt solution): approx. 110 L
– Distilled water approx. 110L
– Permeate approx. 5L
* Measuring Instruments
– Retentate flow rate 0,2 … 6.0L/min
– Permeate flow rate 0.05.. 1.8L/min
– Temperature 3 x 0.. 50◦C
– Pressure 2 x 0 .. 120bar
– Conductivity: 0… 200mS/cm