Optical Transducer Trainer Model ETR 029

Sci-tech Optical Transducers Trainer Model ETR 029 plays a very important role in today’s industrial and domestic applications. Optical transducer trainer model OTT1 is specially designed to cover the study of 4 different types of optical transducers. Experiments covering fundamental characteristics of transducers and study of transducer controlled switching / alarm systems can be performed. The manual consists of various chapters covering Introduction, Theory Types & selection of transducers, their applications and Glossary of terms.

Item Description


Characteristics of Filament Lamp. Characteristics of Photovoltaic Cell. Characteristics of Photoconductive Cell. Characteristics of Phototransistor. Characteristics of PIN Photodiode. Light Controlled Switching System and more

Technical Specifications

Transducers: 04 Nos
a. Photoconductive Cell.
b. Photovoltaic Cell.
c. Phototransistor.
d. PIN Photodiode.
Light Source: Filament Lamp.
Signal Conditioning: 1. Power Amplifier.
Circuitry: 2. Current Amplifier.
3. DC Amplifier.
4. Comparator.
5. Electronic Switch.
6. Buffer.
Input Circuits: Rotary and Slide Potentiometers.
Output Circuits:

1. Moving Coil Meter.
2. Relay.
3. LED
Interconnections: 4 mm banana sockets.
Power Supply: 230V + 10% 50 VAC, 50 Hertz, single phase.

Accessories: Detailed Instruction Manual, Set of 5 assorted multi-coloured multi-strand wires with 4 mm plug terminations at both ends.