Cake & Depth Filtration Apparatus Model FM 129

With Sci-tech Cake and depth Filtration Apparatus Model FM 129 the processes in depth filtration and cake filtration can be observed and investigated.

Item Description

The suspension (water and diatomite as the solid) flows from the hopper into the top of the filter element, where the solids are separated off. The filtrate flows through a flow meter into the drain. The filter element has a porous filter medium at the bottom. In cake filtration, the filter medium provides the foundation for build-up of the filter cake. In depth filtration, the filter medium supports the bulk solids (filter medium layer; gravel). Twin tube manometers measure the pressure loss over the filter element.

 cake and depth filtration with different suspensions and filter medium layers.

Technical Specifications

1. Fundamentals of cake and depth filtration
2. Filter element with sintered filter medium on its bottom to capture the particles
3. Pressure loss measurement with twin tube manometers
4. Height-adjustable filler hopper made of DURAN glass
5. Flow meter with needle valve for adjustment

Technical Specifications
Filter element
 filter chamber height: 85mm
 inside diameter: approx. 37mm
 cross-sectional area: approx. 11cm2
 tube material: DURAN glass
Filter medium, sintered filter SIKA 100
 pore size: 100μm
 thickness: 2mm
 material: sintered metal
Measuring ranges
 flow rate: 40…360mL/min
 pressure: 2x 0…500mmWC
 temperature: -10…100°C
 measuring cups
 1x 1000mL, scale division: 10mL
 1x 100mL, scale division: 2mL

 Fundamentals of filtration: Darcy’s equation
 Depth filtration with different bulk solids and suspensions
 Cake filtration with different suspensions
 Identification of characteristic filtration values

 Mains Power 220 – 240V @ 50Hz, 1Ph