Operational Amplifier Trainer Model ETR 028

– Lucidly illustrated User’s Manual un – revels electronic concept through brief theoretical reviews followed by experiments, self test questions and exercises.
– Built – in power supplies provide all the necessary voltages for experimentation.
– Modularly designed patch panel contains all commonly used discrete components.

Item Description

Typical Experiments
– Study of major operational amplifier characteristics, open loop gain, output resistance, differential input resistance, unity gain bandwidth, rated output, full power response, slewing rate, input offset voltage, input bias current, input noise, current, CMRR, common mode input resistance, etc.
– Study of operational amplifier amplifications inverting amplifier, difference amplifier, inverting summing amplifier, voltage follower, differentiator, integrator, log amplifier, limiter, AC – DC converter, etc.
– Study of the characteristics and operation of a high speed voltage comparator (710). Study of comparator applications:
– Schmitt trigger, pulse width modulator, etc.

– Study of various waveform generators using operational amplifiers, Wein Bridge, Sine cosine, Square wave, Triangular wave, Saw – tooth wave generators, etc.
– Study of active filters.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply
A power supply with the following specifications is built-in with voltages.
Output Voltage and Current : +12V/500 mA (short-circuit protected) – 12V/500
mA (short-circuit protected)
Load regulation : 1% (No load to Full load).
Line regulation : 1% (For  10% variation in line voltage).
Ripple : 12 mV rms.
Components on the patch panel includes :
a. Operational amplifier:
741 : 02 Nos.
TL061 : 02 Nos.
710 : 01 Nos.
356 : 01 Nos.
3140 : 01 Nos.
b. Various Resistors of assorted values from 100E to 20 Mohms.
c. Various Capacitors (including Electrolytic) of assorted values from 100 pF to 10 F.
d. Various potentiometers for op – amp offset adjustments, and for other applications as required.
e. Built – in speaker ( 2 ½” round , 8E / 0.5W ).
f. Built – in AC supplies of ( 7.5V, 18 – 0 – 18V ).
g. Terminal strip Breadboard with 640 tie points.