Level Process Control Trainer Model PCT 047

The Sci-tech Level Process Control Trainer Model PCT 047 is designed to facilitate the depiction of a typical control loop based on the example of a liquid-level control system. The unit includes a tank with pump that pumps water into a transparent container. The level of the water in the tank is determined using an electronic pressure sensor. Excess water returns to the tank via an overflow. A pneumatically operated modulating control valve is used as the actuator.

Item Description

Measurement and control variables can be recorded using a color printing micro-jet recorder. In short, this laboratory demonstration system unit can be regarded as the basis for the performance of liquid-level control. It provides the students with most of the experimental examination of a liquid-level control system.

Technical Specifications

1. Transparent liquid-level tank, altuglass column 200mmdia. 1300mm Height.
2. Electronic pressure sensor for liquid-level measurement.
3. Centrifugal pump 1 meter cubic per hour.
4. Transparent PVC feed tank capacity 50L
5. Pneumatically operated modulating control valve, control variable 4-20 mA
6. Sturdy support made of square steel tube

Dimensions : 800 (L) x 700 (W) x 2000 (H)
Weight : approx. 170kg
Mains : 220 – 240V, ~50Hz
air connection : 3- 8bar
Scope of Delivery
1 demonstrator (trainer), complete
1 technical reference
1 workbook