Industrial Refrigerator- Freezer Trainer Model RAC 052

Sci-tech Industrial Refrigeration Trainer Model RAC 052 consists of industrial refrigeration components completely factory assembled and wired. It is designed to provide training with larger commercial and industrial refrigeration systems which require water-cooled condensers (tube-in-tube and shell-in-tube), electric and hot gas defrost systems, cooling towers, hot bypass capacity control systems, crankcase pressure regulators, crankcase heaters and pressure pumps.

Item Description

Experiment possibilities
• Properties of Matter
• Temperature and Heat Energy
• Refrigerants
• The Refrigeration Cycle
• Pressure-Enthalpy Charts
• Heat Transfer
• Refrigerant Oils
• Leak Detection
• Removing Refrigerant From a System
• Charging a Refrigeration System
• Liquid Control Devices-Thermostatic Expansion Valve
• Pressure Controls

Technical Specifications

The Industrial Refrigeration Trainer consists of the following:
• 3 HP semi-hermetic compressor
• Refrigerant R-134A (other refrigerants available)
• Crankcase heater with automatic control system
• Oil circulating pump
• Two evaporators (forced-air type) with solenoids, timers, etc.
• Two water-cooled condensers (tube-in-tube and shell-in-tube)
• Gas bypass systems
• Crankcase pressure regulator with gauges
• Operating instructions, student experiment manual and teacher manual
• Text: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning with study guide and lab manual

Services Required
• 240 AC 1Ø 50Hz 20A with ground
• A source of flowing water
• A drain to sewer