HVAC Air-Conditioning & Ducting Trainer MODEL RAC-004


The trainer is consist of a mobile, floor standing process unit, frame are all made of Anodize aluminum profile, aluminum anodize etching mimic diagram with elaborate Process diagram & electrical circuit. All components are mounted on the trainer. The Trainer is able for student to investigate the theoretical performance of refrigeration System along with the various treatments utilized in the air flow distribution cycle. Including heating, cooling, humidification, and recirculation and mixing.

Item Description

Air flow duct and circuit made of light weight epoxy coated G.I. duct. With eight inter-changeable end plates, provides two different, i.e. round and rectangular ducts. Also provides elbows and flanges coupler. With size orifices all combined to provide an enormous variety of operating conditions. For students to investigate the pressure drop, velocity pressure and static pressure.
Refrigeration circuit with ½ HP semi-hermetic compressor, forced airflow condenser, With variable fan speed controller, water source evaporator (chiller) with recirculation pump, evaporator with defrost heater and variable fan Speed controller, water heat exchanger, pressure switch, flow switch, thermometer & Manometers. Air mixing and recycling system with PID control, modulating control valve, and air preheat and reheat heater with PID controller, precise control of the heating by thyristor phase angle triggers modules. Humidification chamber consists of heater, PID temperature controller with generate the latent heat with wattmeter. Microprocessor based air conditioner & humidifier controller. Digital temperature indicators. Pitot tube and inclined manometer. Ultra low pressure transmitters. Digital anemometer. Ammeters, voltmeter & wattmeter. The mimic diagram c/w test point (4mm jacks) corresponding to all the electrical components of the system, for comprehensive tests. Course book, lecturer guide book, student workbook & operation manual. Machine dimension: 3500 (L) x 2000 (H) x 600 (W) mm; 150 kg.
15. Power source: 240 V AC, 50 Hz, 15 A. Climate Chamber similar models system in which particular room air conditions should be maintained the chamber consists of two heaters, which serve is heat source. I.e. simulate lighting (sensitive heat) and sweating worker (latent heat).

Technical Specifications

1. Ducts system of 3 meter lengths. It consists of;

1.1 Round duct size : 6” dia. Epoxy coated G.i. duct. C/w quick coupler clip.

1.2 Rectangular duct size: 4” x 6”. Epoxy coated G.I. duct. C/w quick coupler clip.

1.3 Duct support stand and bracket, epoxy coated MS frame.

1.4 Duct reducer, tee joints. Both for round duct and rectangular duct.

2. Pitot tube with inclined manometer and digital pressure transmitter able to interface to PC. Total of 6 sets.

3. Digital anemometer with PC interface card.

4. Fan blower of 2.2kw, 415Vac 3phase.

3 bars pressure, 2000CFM. Floor standing type.

Control by 2.2kw digital frequency inverter.

5. PC interface card and signal conditioner unit.

Overall trainer dimension: 3000 L X 2000H X 500Wmm, Wt: aprrox.200kg.