Changes of State in Refrigeration Cycle Model RAC 043

Sci-tech Changes in the State of Refrigeration Cycle Trainer Model RAC 043 is designed to demonstrate working of Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle & change of phase of refrigerant during the cycle.

– Designed to demonstrate Change of State of Refrigerant in Compression Refrigeration Cycle.

– Facility to simulate variable Heat load conditions & it effect on performance of Cycle.

– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary measuring instruments.

Item Description

The trainer uses Hermetic Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Device & Evaporator. To visualization of phase change of refrigerant; the condenser & evaporator are shell & coil type with transparent glass shells. The refrigerant flows through the shell & water flows the copper coils. CFC free refrigerant is used in the system & is pre charged in the system.

Instruments to measure Cycle Pressure, Temperatures at different points, Power Consumption, Heater Load are fitted on Instrument panel. Flow of refrigerant & water is measured using Rotameter fitted with calibrated scale. High & Low Pressure cutoff switch & thermostat are provided as safety devices.

The entire setup is mounted on sturdy steel frame made of Mild Steel Tubes & Sheets. The entire frame & panel are powder painted for durability.

Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

Compressor: Hermetically Sealed Compressor, Capacity – 1/4 TR
Condenser: Shell & Coil Type Condenser, Transparent Shell
Expansion Device: Capillary Tube
Evaporator: Shell & Coil Type Condenser, Transparent Shell
Accessories: Refrigerant Lines, Dryer Filter, Suction Line Accumulator
Digital Wattmeter: 0 – 1.2 kW for Compressor
Pressure Gauges: -1…1,5bar
Temperature Sensor: RTD PT-100 Sensors for temperature measurement

Temperature Indicator: 8 Channel Digital Indicator, Range -20…200°C Resolution 0.1 C
Glass Tube Rotameter: 0-70 LPH
Water Flow Meter: 2x 0…800cm³/min
Thermostat Base Frame: Made of M.S. Square Tubes & Sheets, welded & powder coated for long life.