Water Chiller Model RAC 056


Sci-tech Scroll Compressor Chiller Model RAC 056 with water cooled condenser is very efficient & low maintenance unit. It uses a rotary scroll compressor, water cooled condenser, chiller, thermostatic expansion valve, Liquid receiver. Chiller is supplied with all auxiliary equipment including chilled water circulation pump & condenser water circulation pump & cooling tower. The chiller can operate at changing load demands. The chiller uses CFC free refrigerant R134a.

Item Description

– Compact Packaged Chiller with high efficiency Scroll Compressor.
– Environmental friendly CFC Free refrigerant R-134a
– Control Panel with all safety devices & digital chiller controls.
– Water cooled condenser for high efficiency.

The chiller can be used for many industrial applications including Air Conditioning. The chilled water temperature can be changed as required for the process.
The control panel includes high/low pressure safety devices, temperature controller, flow switches integrated in to chiller controller. The chiller controller is microprocessor based controller that controls all the auxiliary devices like pump, cooling tower etc.

Technical Specifications

* Chiller:
– Capacity: 20 kW (5.5 Ton)
– Compressor: High Efficiency Scroll Compressor
– Condenser: Water Cooled Condenser
– Water Evaporator
– Thermostatic Expansion Valve
– Liquid Receiver
– Chilled water Flow rate: 10-60 litre/min
– Chilled water Supply temperature: 7 deg C
– Chilled Water Return Temperature: 12 deg C
– Refrigerant: R134a
* Refrigerant copper piping
* Chilled water pump: Impeller stainless steel, Capacity 1 hp
* Condenser water pump: Centrifugal Pump, Capacity 1.5 hp
* Cooling Tower: Induced Draft cooling tower made in FRP with non-corrosive packing.

* Cooling bath: Capacity >50 litres, Made in Stainless Steel.
* Water side piping
* Control Panel: Consists of –
– Compound Gauge
– Pressure Gauge
– LP/HP Cut out
– Temperature Controller
– Chilled water flow switch
– Condenser water flow switch
– Chiller Controller
Services required
– Electric Supply 415 V AC, 50 Hz, Three Phase, Earthed.