Industrial Refrigerator- Freezer Trainer Model RAC 051

Sci-tech Industrial Refrigerator with Hermetic Compressor Trainer Model RAC-051 consists of industrial refrigeration components completely factory assembled and wired. It is designed to provide training with larger commercial and industrial refrigeration systems which require water-cooled condensers (tube-in-tube and shell-in-tube), electric and hot gas defrost systems, cooling towers, hot bypass capacity control systems, crankcase pressure regulators, crankcase heaters and pressure pumps.

Item Description

Experiment possibilities
• Properties of Matter
• Temperature and Heat Energy
• Refrigerants
• The Refrigeration Cycle
• Pressure-Enthalpy Charts
• Heat Transfer
• Refrigerant Oils
• Leak Detection
• Removing Refrigerant from a System
• Charging a Refrigeration System
• Liquid Control Devices-Thermostatic Expansion Valve
• Pressure Controls

Technical Specifications

– Hermetic compressor, 0.5 HP, 220 V single phase, 50/60 Hz
– Air-cooled condenser with electric fan
– Air-cooled evaporator with electric fan
– Thermostatic expansion valve
– Filter
– Liquid separator
– Hot gas defrosting valve
– Solenoid valve
– No. 5 manually operated valves for fault simulation
– Vice, 80 mm

The instruments should consist of the following:
– Thermostat
– Low pressure gauge
– High pressure gauge
– Thermometer
– Differential pressure switch
– Sight glass

Services Required
• 240 AC 1Ø 50Hz 20A with ground
• A source of flowing water
• A drain to sewer