Analog simulation of Type – 0, Type – 1 & Type 2 Systems Model PCT 003

– Demonstrates the principle & working of Type “0” Control System
– Study of Time Response Analysis for different Input Waveforms such as :
1. Step Signal
2. Ramp Signal
3. Parabolic Signal
Note : The Input waveforms are not available on the trainer but are available separately as a separate unit „Test Signal Generator at Extra Cost
– Provision to connect the external Step Signal, Ramp Signal or Parabolic Signal

Item Description

– Observation of output signal to be done on external Digital Multimeter
– Calculation of error signal
– Plotting of graph of time v/s input and time v/s output for Step Error Signal and Ramp Error Signal
– Supply required 230V, 50Hz AC
– Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages to observe the waveforms & voltages
– Set of necessary patch cords

Technical Specifications

The Test Signal Generator is a generating instrument, which is essential for the simulated experiments of control engineering such as,
Type 0 Control System
Type 1 Control System
Type 2 Control System
– It provides test signals of different waveforms for use as error signal for finding the response of various control circuits with different waveforms
– Simultaneous outputs of waveforms available at very low frequencies such as,
a. Step Signal with Level Adjust Control
b. Ramp Signal with Discharge / Restart Switch
c. Parabolic Signal with Discharge / Restart Switch
– Seperate Output Terminals for each waveform