Automotive Door Lock Circuit Trainer Model AM039

Sci-tech Door Lock Trainer Model AM 039 is designed to teach door lock and theft deterrent system operation.

Item Description

This trainer allows for instructor demonstration, student hands-on reinforcement and troubleshooting practice. Powered by a 12VDC automotive battery or a 12VDC/10A power supply.

Technical Specifications

– Actual new vehicle components.
– Operated as a stand-alone trainer, or connected to the Lighting System Trainer (model AM351) and the Instrument Panel Trainer (model AM302) to teach and demonstrate vehicle systems integration.
– 8 Intermittent and hard fault can be created.
– The key fob can be used to lock and unlock the doors both when used as a stand-alone unit and used in conjunction with the 821FJ Lighting System Trainer.
– The built-in buzzer (horn) can be disabled from the front panel.
– Network and interconnect circuits are protected against over-current and polarity reversal.
– Courseware Includes: Instructor Guide, Student Manual and Service Manual Information