Universal Programmer MODEL UNIPRO 10U

  • Computer Interface
    USB port
  • Universal Pin Drivers
    48 Pin ZIF socket with universal 40pin-drivers., No adapter required for DIP devices

Item Description

  • Algorithms with machine architecture
    Constructed around FPGA to achieve ultra-high programming speed
  • Super programming speed
    Programs 89C58 in less than 4 seconds
  • Over current & over voltage protection
    Added on each pin, to protect programmer hardware from destroying, due to bad chip, short circuit and ESD

Technical Specifications

  • User-selectable verification
    Select verification voltage, e.g., Vcc, Vcc ±5%, Vcc ±10%. This verification ensures that your device has been programmed properly, preventing failures due to programming errors and ensuring data retention
  • Device insertion and contact checks
    Performs device insertion and contact check before it programs each device & can detect poor pin contact & devices inserted upside down or in the wrong position. This function prevents chip from getting damaged due to operator error
  • Remote Laptop Programming
    No external AC adapter needed for most devices [for Devices having Vp < 12V]. Works on supply taken from USB port
  • Universal PLCC, SOIC, SSOP,.. to DIP adapters
    No need to purchase a new adaptor for different devices of same package