Sci-tech Robot Trainer Model ROBOT-220 is based on a five joint system which is popular in industry. Therefore, the experience gained through the experiments using Sci-tech -ROBOT-220 can be directly applied in the real business needs.

Item Description

Each robot joint is driven by a DC servo motor with a rotary encoder built-in. The overload sensing and controls are managed by a microprocessor.

The Sci-tech -ROBOT-220 is designed such that the main driving mechanism, including the timing belt, is exposed to the user to offer the visual observation. Also, the robot is designed to maintain the holding positions of the grip fingers even-though the elbow and shoulder are in motion.

Technical Specifications

  • Actual robot simulation.
  • Introduction of 5 joints robot system
  • Study of computer interfacing with robot
  • Introduction of motion control
  • Understanding robot programming language instructions.
  • An introduction to windows base programming
  • Actual interface and control with PC and compatible.
  • Realistic simulation of an automated factory
  • Easy relocation of sensors, motors or the entire system
  • Diverse decision making processes
  • Count & Timer Control
  • Induction and slot sensors.
  • Can be interfaced with all PLC types.
  • Comprehensive courseware manual.