uP Trainer: 68000 Model SCI-uP68000

Sci-tech Model SCI-uP68000 teaching set introduces students to 68000 microprocessor applications through a wide range of programming activities. The teaching set includes a 68000 microprocessor trainer, keypad/display module, applications module, power supply unit, assembly language development software, introductory textbook and two curriculum manuals.

Item Description

When used in conjunction with a student PC, the curriculum manuals are fully compatible with the computer-managed learning system. Each of the curriculum manuals is divided into a series of chapters. Each chapter covers a specific topic area and provides background theory, practical activities and student assessment questions.

Each chapter is designed around a list of performance objectives. These objectives are used by the management system to generate a student competency report.

Instructor’s manuals are included, providing solutions to all of the questions and practical activities contained in the curriculum manuals. The teaching set is also supported by optional computer aided instruction (CAI) material.

Technical Specifications

  • Using the Microcomputer
  • Introduction to 68000 Programming
  • Writing Machine Code Programs
  • Using the Merlin Text Editor
  • Introduction to Development Systems
  • Addressing Modes
  • Program Debugging
  • Programs with Loops
  • Test and Logic Instructions
  • Programming the Input/Output Ports
  • Programming the Applications Module
  • Stack and Subroutines
  • Interrupts and other Exceptions
  • Timers