Safety Electricity Trainer Model ELTR028

Sci-tech Safety Electricity Model ELTR 028 is designed to provide student with a good foundation
in electrical technology and safety factors study in electrical installations and services.
The system consists of a bench top work area which are suitable for the study of electrical measurement, electrical installation and for the troubleshooting of electrical installations. The trainer uses real electrical components to teach the students various parameters required to test and understand safety standards through study of insulation characteristics, ground resistance, etc.

Item Description

The Trainer consists of: training platform, power control panel, safety transformer unit, safe voltage unit, current leakage protection unit, current type perception unit, equipment leakage simulation unit, three phase load unit, step voltage experiment unit, power grid voltage test unit, three way wiring simulation unit, human body electric shock simulation unit, step voltage analog unit and different current output test unit.

The trainer allows practical training to students against various types of electrical accidents and hands on understanding for prevention of such electrical accidents.

Technical Specifications

Product structure: Modular desktop test bench with test panel of dimensions
Mains power requirement: 380V AC; 3Phase, 50Hz; @ 500VA rated.

Experimental Projects:
1. Megohmmeter use
2. Use of grounding resistance tester
3. Current perception experiment.
4. Impedance test model body.
5. Simulation step voltage get an electric shock to the human body
6. IT system insulation monitoring simulation experiment.
7. Special low safe voltage understanding of the experiment
8. The isolated transformer safety awareness and security principle experiment.
9. Power grid IT system simulation experiment.
10. Power grid TT system simulation experiment.
11. TN system simulation experiment.
12. TN system grid equipment grounding part equipment by zero harm simulation.
13. TN system zero line break with equipment leakage simulation.
14. TN system zero line break with unbalanced load simulation.
15. Equipotential connection simulation experiment.
16. The leakage protector principle simulation experiment.
17. Safety signs recognize experiments.