Process Pilot Plant for Level Control Trainer Model PCT 104

Sci-tech Process Pilot Plant for Level Control System Trainer Model PCT 104 is designed to demonstrate various aspects of control engineering using a level system to control the flow of water delivered by a pump to the level tank. The system incorporates the standard industrial components.

Item Description

– Compact and sturdy construction
– Easy and versatile operation
– Self contained system
– Incorporates standard industrial components
– Comprehensive instrumentation

Technical Specifications

The plant consists of following components,
1) Sump Tank: 20 lit capacity, transparent, acrylic
2) Level Tank: 15 lit capacity, Transparent, acrylic
3) Piping material: corrosion resistant Fusion PPR piping
4) Pump: Centrifugal pump capable of delivering 1000 LPH flow at 3 bar pressure, make Kirloskar, Q-Tech, Tullu or equivalent, 230 V AC operated
5) Pneumatic Control Valve: ½”, equal percentage characteristic. Input 3 to 15 psi. Flanged connection. Air to open type, Body material cast iron or better, Mounting: flange type, Actuator type: diaphragm, (Note: actuator and body assembly should detachable type not a single mould or miniature), Seating: double seated with upper and bottom bonnets, Make Samson Controls, Dembla or equivalent
6) Head type level sensor transmitter with HART protocol. Range: 40 cms of WC, Supply 24 V dc. Output: 4- 20 mA
7) I/P Converter: Input 4-20 mA, Output: 3-15 psi
8) Airs filter Regulator: ¼” connection size, transparent bulbs, with pressure gauge. Input: 0-10 kg/cm2, regulated supply: 0-2 kg/cm2. Filter: 25 micron.
9) Colored Mimic depicting the process, size: 1000 mm x 700 mm (minimum)

10) HART Indicator: With LCD indicator. 15 units having HART protocol can be connected to this one unit.
11) PID Controller
– With HART protocol enabled
– LED/LCD display, display color green/black, for PV in operation mode, Set contents in setting mode
– LED display, display color red, for SV, OUT, PID, AL1, AL2 in operation mode
– Full Multi-range input (Thremocouple, RTD, DC Volts and current defined by input selector switch)
– Control output multi-function (On-Off pulse, SSR drive, current, current defined by input selector switch)
– Auto tuning and Fuzzy functions
– Sampling cycle: Approx. 0.2 sec
– Facility to bypass PID mode (Also known as Auto/Manual Mode)
– LED for Alarm display
– Hard changeover for switchover from manual to auto mode.
– 230 V AC operated
12) Interface Unit:
8 channel analog input, 4-20 mA/0- 20 mA
1 channel analog output, 4 –20 mA
Interface with PC through USB port
13) Control Panel Box: To house electrical as well as instrumentation. MOC: MS
14) PC: Latest specifications with pre-loaded Windows and control software
15) Software: Lab view Based SCADA Software for controlling the parameter. Software should be capable of Feedback, Feed forward, Cascade, Ratio and On- off control schemes. The software should have following facilities,
– Real time measured parameter versus time graph
– Display of measured parameter, output and set-point in bar graph format
– Liner scale for setting set point of PID