Deep Filter Bed Column ENV 002

Sci-tech Deep Bed Filter Column Model ENV 002 is designed to study the characteristics of a filter column.

– Designed to demonstrate filtration process.
– Non corrosive acrylic filter column used in the trainer.

Item Description

It consists of an acrylic unit with flanged end pieces to allow easy access. It consists of a column filled with Ballotini packing to ensure the good water distribution. Slotted pressure tapings are mounted on the column for measuring the pressure drop across the bed per unit length and staggered over an approximate 0.8 m depth. These tapings are connected to a differential manometer. These tapings can also be used for drawing the samples from the column and change in concentration of the suspension can be determined.
The unit is complete with 2 Nos. of feed tanks. A centrifugal pump is provided to circulate the water through the column under 1 Atmospheric pressure. Water supplied to the column is regulated and controlled by Rotameter. The 10 kg bag of filter medium will be supplied with the set-up.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

The unit comprises the following main items:
– Absorption Column
– Filter column: Clear acrylic, 100mm internal diameter x 1350mm long
– Typical media depth: 700mm
– Gauze mesh size: 0.35mm
– Sump tanks: 2 – capacity 350 litres each
– Flow meter range: 0.5 – 5.0 litres/min
– Manometers: 41 tube multi-bank
– Pump rating: 0.37Kw


Services required
– Electric Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase, Earthed.
– Water: Tap water supply & Drain.