Drain Permeameter Model FM 25

Sci-tech Drain Permeameter Model FM-36 is suited for use both as a teaching and demonstration tool and for laboratory testing and research.

Item Description

The equipment consists of a 100mm diameter transparent column which may be filled with any soil type. A removable base section is provided into which the filter material to be investigated is placed.
Water is added to the column under a constant head and permeating water and soil is collected at the base. The discharge from the drain can be monitored to assess the efficiency of the filter material. The apparatus is supported on a sturdy metal frame and may be conveniently placed on a laboratory bench close to a water supply and drain. Sci-tech Drain permeameter comprises of: acrylic column, 100mm diameter supported on a metal stand; removable test section is provided at the base of the column to house the filter medium to be tested; the apparatus, which may be bench-mounted, is supplied complete with user instructions and manuals.
As a result of using this equipment students will be able to:- * determine relative efficiencies of drain filter materials * select optimum filter/soil combinations.

Technical Specifications

Services required:
 Water supply

Overall dimensions:
400mm X 350 mm X 1200 mm.