Ground Water Flow Unit Model FM 70

Sci-tech Ground Water Flow Unit Model 70 consists of Sand Tank manufactured from Fibre Reinforced Plastic for durable life & corrosion free operation.

Item Description

The tank is mounted on a free standing steel frame. The tank is to be filled with layer of fine sand. The tank has inlet & outlet connections at each end. Each connection has a flow control valve to maintain desired water level in the tank. The bed has 19 pressure tappings at the base that are connected to 19 tube piezometer panel at the front to indicate profile of water table in the sand. For studies of abstraction, two wells are provided at the base of the tank. Water can be supplied to the unit from Hydraulic Bench or Tap Connection inside the lab.

Technical Specifications

 Tank:-
– Length: 990mm
– Width: 490mm
– Depth: 235mm
 Piezometer: Range: 0 to 155mm , Calibrated 1mm intervals
 Overall Dimensions
– Length: 1115mm
– Width: 585mm
– Height: 530mm

Ordering Specifications
 A bench-standing sand tank capable of demonstrating, on a small scale, the hydrological principles of ground water flow.
 The unit allows simple three dimensional flow situations to be set up quickly and measurements of piezometric levels taken at appropriate positions within the model under study.
 The accompanying instruction manual describes six basic demonstrations of importance in Engineering Hydrology.

Experiment Capabilities
 Hydraulic gradients in ground water flow, including the effect of permeability.
 Cone of depression for a single well in an unconfirmed aquifer
 Abstraction from a single well in a confined aquifer
 Cone of depression for two wells.
 De-watering of an excavation site using two wells
 Draining of a polder or lake.

Required Services
 Electricity supply: 220/240V/1PH/50Hz
 Hydraulics Bench or cold water supply
 Drain for cold water
 0.1m3 of clean 0.6-2.0mm washed and graded coarse sand.