Kaplan Turbine is an axial flow reaction turbine named in honour of Dr. B. Kaplan, a German Engineer.

Item Description

Sci-tech Kaplan Turbine Test Rig Model FM 30 is suitable for low head. The power produced by a turbine is proportional to QH. As the head (H) decreases the J discharge (Q) must increase to produce the same power. The present set-up consists of a scroll casing housing a runner. Water enters the turbine through the stationary guide vanes and passes through the runner axially. The runner has a hub and airfoil vanes, which are mounted on it.
The water is fed to the turbine by means of Centrifugal Pump. The runner is directly mounted on one end of a central SS shaft and other end is connected to a brake arrangement. A transparent hollow cylinder made of acrylic is fitted in between the draft tube and the casing for observation of flow. Load is applied to the turbine with the help of rope brake arrangement so that the efficiency of the turbine can be calculated. The set-up is supplied with control panel. A draft tube is fitted on the outlet of the turbine.
The set-up is complete with guide mechanism. Pressure and Vacuum gauges are fitted at the inlet and outlet of the turbine to measure the total supply head on the turbine
Sci-tech Kaplan Turbine Test Rig FM 30 is designed to show the operation & performance characteristics of Kaplan Turbine. A vertical shaft Kaplan Turbine to develop 5 HP at 1500 rpm, rope brake arrangement.

Technical Specifications

Structural Specifications
1) Stainless structure.
2) Screws, nuts, plates and all the metallic elements in stainless steel.
3) Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution to the elements in the real unit.
4) Quick connections for adaptation to feed hydraulics source.

Technical Data
a) Kaplan Turbine designed for laboratory experimental purpose & to conduct test under constant head of the following specifications.

Net Head: 5 m.
Discharge: 1500 LPM.
Normal Speed: 1000 RPM.
Power : 1 Kw
Brake Drum Dia.: 300 mm.
Spiral Casing: Of close grained cast iron, with 150 mm flanged inlet.
Guide Vane Assembly: Stainless steel guide Vanes coast integral with their spindles with external link mechanism, which can be operated by means of a hand wheel.
Runner: Of gun metal with polished adjustable aerofoil blades for efficient operations. The blades can be adjustable by means of a suitable area link mechanism housed inside the runner hub, operating through the hollow steel shaft.
Brake Arrangement: Consists of a cast iron brake drum machined & polished, cooling water supply pipe from the turbine inlet, internal scoop, discharge pipe, spring balance rope brake & loading dead weights.
b) Pump with volute casing suitable for the supply of water for the Turbine size of 6” to discharge 1500 LPM at a total head of 8 m. coupled to 7.5 HP induction motor 3 phase 400/440 V AC. supply
c) Flow measuring Unit: A C.I orifice meter of 150 mm dia. (6”) size with double column differential manometer (Without Mercury) on a panel board to measure the difference of pressure.
d) Reservoir of size 1.75 m length x 0.9 m width x 0.65 m. height with drain valve of ½ ” size & a bend.
e) Starter, Switch, Digital speed indicator, Pipe line with control valve
f) Strong iron stand to support the unit.

1. Study of construction of Kaplan turbine
2. Determination constant head characteristics curve
3. Determination of constant speed characteristics curves.
4. Determination of constant efficiency curves.
System is having unique feature of direct reading & automatic calculating all efficiency & heat balance sheet of refrigeration system. The online graphical representation of important parameter is displayed on screen to see effect of change in load. Final result & graph are in built available in software.
System has facility of measuring parameters like temperature at different locations, pressures, load, mass flow of refrigeration (Rotameter) and power measurement.
 Data Acquisition with high performance, various function parameter IP & OP.
 Low cost, Portable, compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
 Fully instrumentation for experimentation of data acquisition of different parameter of refrigeration system & its calculations.
 Direct reading of parameters like temperature, pressures, load and power measurement.
 Very high -speed dynamic signal acquisition is possible.
 Computerized Load control attachment as optional accessories.

1. VFD
2. Digital tachometer
3. Data acquisition system (computerization) stop watch Manuals

This module will be supplied with the following manuals:

1. Required services manual.
2. Assembly and installation manual.
3. Interface and control software manual (if opted for).
4. Starting-up manual.
5. Safety manual.
6. Maintenance manual.
7. Calibration manual (if it is necessary).
8. Practices manual.