Digital Pressure Temperature Calculator Model RAC 065

Sci-tech Digital Pressure Temperature Calculator Model RAC 065 can provide temperature – pressure data of different refrigerants.

Item Description

This hand held has data for 60 different types of refrigerants to derive pressure & temperature data. The data is displayed on a LCD Screen. This is a very useful tool for refrigeration technicians

Technical Specifications

– Hand-held instrument suitable for about 60 types of refrigerant gas.
– Indication of sub-cooling for the liquid phase and overheating for the gaseous phase.
– ABS shockproof body
– LCD display: 6 digits 4 mm for refrigerant type; 4 digits 10 mm for pressure; 3 figures 4.5 mm for temperature
– Display size: 26×31 mm
– ON/OFF, Enter and navigation buttons
– Hook, belt and belt-hole for safe grip
– Soft cordura case
– Measurement scales available: imperial (PSI / ºF) and metric (Bar-MPa and ºC)
– Temperature ranges: interval 1 or 3º C according to the refrigerant type.
– R-22 and R-134a: -45º C ÷ + 93º C
– R-404a and R-507: -45º C ÷ + 65º C
– R-407c: -40º C ÷ + 76º C

– R-410a: -40º C ÷ + 68º C
– Auto-OFF: 5 minutes
– Power: 1 Lithium 3V battery CR2032 (supplied)