Control System & Analyses Trainer Model PCT 009

Sci-tech Control System Trainer, Model PCT 009 consists of the following features:
Demonstrates the principal & working of Temperature, intensity, speed & level measurement & control. The kit is provided with all the necessary sensors, instrumentation & equipment for measurement & control of Temperature, intensity of light, speed of motion & liquid level.

Item Description

1. Temperature: Ambient ( room ) temperature to100°C

2. Intensity of light: 0-1000LUX

3. Speed of motion: 0-9999RPM

4. Liquid level: 0-100mm of water level.

5. Display: a. 3 ½ Digit Digital Display voltmeter & b. 4-digit digital counter.

Technical Specifications

a. 25 Watt Oven with solid state heater as heat source & thermocouple
b. 12 V lamp with intensity controller as light source & photo diode type light sensor
c. 12V/3W DC motor with speed controller as motion source & optical speed sensor
d. Two tanks, Water pump, solenoid valve, capacitive level sensor assembly
§ Serial port, data acquisition system
§ Manual mode operation, P, PI, PD & PID Controls
§ Test points to determine voltages / waveforms at different points
§ Software: Windows based software system with recording, reviewing, controlling features
§ Operating through 220/230/240V 60Hz AC supply.