Automotive Front Axle Power Steering Trainer Model AM 187M

Sci-tech Automotive Front Axle Three Types of Power Steering Trainer Model AM 187M consists of a scale model front end vehicle that incorporates original and simulated parts in order to provide similar function as the automobile front end steering/ alignment system.

Item Description

The training model is built to demonstrate with ease the various angles and positions of the steering wheels as well as the effect geometries when the vehicle is moving. The wheels of the training model can be adjusted in three separated axis and the geometry of the wheels can be easily modified to show different driving and tracking conditions. The unit features an original rack and pinion steering mechanism that connected to two small wheels that have scaled down linkages and adjustment. Alignment boards under the wheels have degree alignment indicators and a magnetic castor/ camber. Inclination gauge is provided.

Technical Specifications

Technical details
– Fully operational Electric power assisted steering and suspension trainer manufactured using
Original components
– Based on a generic locally available cars, complete with sub-frame, torsion bar, wishbone’s, front hub assembly, steering column, steering wheel, electric power steering rack and ECU
– Jacks fitted beneath the road wheels to load the suspension
– Rotating parts covered by mesh guards

– Board mounted in a box section frame with castors
– Powder coated paint finish
– Optional: refitting of following power steering mechanisms:
a) Worm and Roller type
b) Recirculating ball type

Practical possibility
1. Adjustment of the wheels and centering of the steering mechanism
2. Adjustment of castor and camber King pin angle inclination
3. Wheel alignment: toe-in and toe-out

Dimension in mm : 2000(L) x 1250(W) x1500(H)
Weight : @ 250 kg

Scope of delivery
1 Complete Training Model
1 Teaching Manual
1 Instruction Manual