High Speed Data Acquisition System Trainer Model PCT 010

– 14 Analog Inputs (12-16 Bits Depending on Speed)
– UE9-Pro Adds 24-bit Low-Speed ADC for 20-Bit Effective Resolution
– ±5 or 0-5 Volt Maximum Analog Input Range
– 2 Analog Outputs (12-Bit, 0-5 Volts)
– 23 Digital I/O
– Up to 2 Counters (32-Bits Each)
– Up to 6 Timers (Pulse Timing, PWM Output, Quadrature Input, …)
– Supports SPI, I2C, and Asynchronous Serial Protocols (Master Only)
– Supports Software or Hardware Timed Acquisition
– Maximum Input Stream Rate of 50+ kHz (Depending on Resolution)
– Capable of Command/Response Times As Low As 1.5 Milliseconds
– Built-In Screw Terminals for Some Signals

Item Description

– USB 2.0/1.1 Full Speed Interface
– Ethernet 10Base-T Interface
– Dual-Processor Design with 168 MHz of Total Processing Power
– Electrical Isolation Possible with Ethernet Interface
– Wireless DAQ Possible with Ethernet Interface and 802.11 Bridge
– No Power Supply Needed for USB Operation
– Modbus/TCP Supported in Hardware
– Drivers Available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Pocket PC
– Examples Available for C/C++, VB, LabVIEW, Java, and More

Technical Specifications

Analog Inputs

Analog Outputs

Digital I/O



I/O Protection

Power Supply

High Channel Count Applications


Wireless Data Acquisition