Condensation Process Apparatus Model TH 077

* Visualization of different condensation processes1

* Software for data acquisition

Item Description

Condensation forms when steam meets a medium with a lower temperature than the saturation temperature for the existing partial pressure of the steam. Factors such as the material and surface roughness of the medium influence the heat transfer and thus the type of condensation. In practice, it is usually film condensation. Drop-wise condensation only forms when the cooling surface is very smooth and poorly wettable, e.g. Teflon. Knowledge of condensation processes is applied e.g. in steam power plants or at distillation processes.
Sci-tech Condensation Process Apparatus Model TH 077 experimental unit can be used to demonstrate the different condensation processes using two tubular shaped water-cooled condensers made of different materials. Drop-wise condensation can be demonstrated by means of the condenser with a polished gold-plated surface. Film condensation forms on the matt copper surface of the second condenser, thus making it possible to examine film condensation.

Technical Specifications

[1] visualization of the condensation process of water in a transparent tank

[2] two water-cooled tubes as condensers with different surfaces to realize film condensation and dropwise condensation

[3] controlled heater to adjust the boiling temperature

[4] water jet pump to evacuate the tank

[5] pressure switch and safety valve for safe operation

[6] sensors for temperature, pressure and flow rate with digital display

[7] software for data acquisition via USB under Windows Vista or Windows 7

Technical Specifications
Heater – output: 3kW, freely adjustable

Condenser – 1x tube with matt copper surface – 1x tube with a polished gold-plated surface

Water jet pump – flow rate: 4…12L/min – max. delivery pressure: 16mbar

Safety valve: 2200mbar absolute

Measuring ranges

– pressure: 0…4bar absolute

– flow rate: 0,2…6L/min

– temperature: 0…200°C