Perfect Gas Laws Apparatus Model TH-078

– Compact unit designed to demonstrate relationship between pressure & temperature of Perfect Gas.
– Microprocessor based temperature controller to maintain precise air temperature.
– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary safety instruments.

Item Description

Sci-tech Perfect Gas Laws Apparatus Model TH-078 consists of two interconnected rigid vessels, one equipped for operation under pressure and the second under vacuum. An electrically operated air vacuum pump & air compressor allows the appropriate vessel to be pressurized or evacuated as required to suit the teaching exercise. The vessels can be used independently or together to allow different thermodynamic processes to be evaluated. Each vessel is fitted with an electrical heater & temperature controller.

Technical Specifications

– Plexi Glass clear vessel: Approximately 12 Litres
– Plexi Glass clear vessel: Approximately 8 Litres
– Fin Heater: 100 W – 2 Nos.
– Reciprocating Air Compressor with Filter Regulator
– ¼ hp oil less Vacuum Pump with stainless steel intake drying cell
– Temperature Sensor: 0-100 C – 2 Nos.
– Temperature Controller: 30 to 100 C
– Digital Temperature Indicator with selector Switch
– Pressure Transducer: -1 to 2.5 Bar(g) with min 1% Accuracy – 2 Nos.
– Digital Pressure Indicator: 5 Digit Display with min 1% Accuracy – 2 Nos.
– Bourdon Type Pressure Gauge: -1 to 2.0 Bar(g)
– Table Top control valve circuit with needle valves

Note: System can be built for higher capacity (Temperature & Flow rate) to meet application requirements.

Required Services
– Electric Supply 220 – 240V AC, 16 A, Single Phase, Earthed.