Compact Micro-Processor Trainers Model – M85/86

Ergonomically injection module plastic enclosure.
Use of standard PC 101/PS2 Keyboard for programming.
Emphasis on hardware troubleshooting through board short links.

Item Description

Exhaustive Didactic courseware.
Critical and delicate ICs are protected under acrylic cover from below.
All in one Logical IO Monitor design supports both serial IO & keyboard display console

Technical Specifications

User Manual Set of user Manuals: Student Workbook, Instructor Guide and Technical Reference,Sample Prog. On.CD
Speed 20MHz crystal operated multi-output clock source to operative various
resources on Mother Board like CPU , Baud rate, T/C etc.
Parallel I/O 48 I/O Lines using two 8255 through 2 nos of 26 pin FRC header , printer I/F.
Serial I/O RS232c serial interface using 8251 and RS232 driver IC through 9 pin male
and D connector.
Time Counter 3 Nos T/c using 8253 pins brought on 6 pin reliamate.
Display (Choose one Option) 8 digit 7 segment (Red Led) 16x2LCD(Backlit)
Key board (Optional) Single chip Micro-controller 89C2051 to support 101 keys PC AT / PS2
Keyboard and LCD
System Bus 50 pin FRC buffered Bus to connect preiware cards as well as to facilitate
ROM Emulation of 8 bit/16 bit system memory using external Rom emulation
card cum converter card.
Battery Backup Rechargeable NiCd battery (3.6/60maH) provided to supply power to
backup memory and optional RTC 58167.
Onboard Features External loud speaker (80hm/0.5w) interface for experiments on frequency
Reset and single step / interrupt push button.
EP socket for experiments with cassette recorder interface.
Programmable wait state generator.
Real time clock IC 58167 (optional)
11 Nos. Fault links to teach troubleshooting skills by introducing faults in circuit.
Pals-All glue logic like memory I/o decoders are implemented using 4(5) nos.
of EEPORM PALs 16v8
Power Supply (SMPS) (Optional) Select one of 2 options 1) 5v/2.5 Amp SMPS with RAC plug.
2) 5v/2.5 Amp SMPS with RAC plug
+12V/250mA with 4 pin SMPS.
Mechanical Details Aesthetically designed Injection molded plastic enclosure of size
215(L)x165(W)x75(H)mm. Weight =900gm.(1.5 Kg with manuals)
Application Boards (optional):
I/O port based:
1) TLLC : Traffic light of 2 intersections cum logic study card with 24 tags and 24 LED’s. Optionally following –
Elevator SAP consisting of 3floors, Floor requests keys, child protection lock, Thumb-Wheel Switch
Module,Opto-coupler, Relay, Buzzer.

2)STDC : Stepper motor and 12V DC Motor Interface card with motors mounted to illustrate speed, direction
3)Scan Tech : Scanning Techniques illustrating 8×8 LED Matrix, 4×4 Keypad 7 segment 8 digit red LED display
study card
4)AD-DA-I : Temperature controller with MINI OVENWITH 8 BIT DAC CUM INSTRUMENTATION Opamp
study card.
5) IOOC: Opto-isolated 24 Vdc 12 Input and 10 output 10 card with 2 reply output card.
6)AD-DA : 8 bit 8 channel ADC & 8 bit DAC(0-5V) , Digital amplifier with built in L/S interface Electret
microphone with preamplifier, light sensor, analog bar graph, voice sampling and relay.
7)LDC/IO adaptor: Adaptor PCB mountable on 26 pin FRC IO box connector to facilate attachment of external
LCD {graphic/text} module or additional 8255/8155 IC.
Bus Based Application Boards(Optional):
8)VCRO: VGA monitor (64×32)/ Oscilloscope (18×8) interface card to use them as console out device for the
kit in place of LCD/ 7seg. Use 20MHz CRO with Z Input (1.25 MHz Band Width) & Ext. Triggering Facility.
9) ROM Emulation cum converter Card with 2 Nos. 28 pin DIP connectors for 8 bit / 16 bit Rom Connection of
target UC.
CABLES : 9 pin female to 25 pin female RS232C Cable, 26 pin FRC IO Cable, Centronics Interface Cable (26
pin FRC to 36 pin centronics female), USB to RS 232 cable (optional).