Automated Sludge Sewage Treatment Plant ENV 004

Sci-tech Automated Sludge Sewage Treatment Plant ENV 004 activated sludge sewage treatment pilot plant is a small scale industrial sewage plant. It consists of all the comprehensive components and advance process control instrument to make the trainer more interesting on study.

Item Description

All the tank, components, instrumentation are mounted on mobile workbench with caster roller. The bench is made of stainless steel frame. Table top is made of durable ABS plastic material which can withstand the wet and chemical resistance.
The main control instrumentations consists of PLC (Telemechanique, France), analog data acquisition card, input and output digital module pH control, O2 controller, Redo X controller, temperature controller comprehensive aluminum etching mimic diagram with indicating light and alarm annuciator. All analysis controller is link to PC with data acquisition software. The setup of instrumentation communication are using modbus RTU RS485 which is widely use in modern sewage treatment plant. The operation status of the pump, solenoid control valve are able to controlled by PC

Technical Specifications

Air line system

  1. Pressure regulator, range : 0 to 9 bars – 1
  2. Two gas rotameter
  3. Flow controller ½” BSP – 2
  4. Flow control solenoid valve ½” BSP, 24Vdc – 1
  5. Air distribution/diffuser for reactor – 1
  6. “Air lift” system for sludge recirculating tank – 1
  7. Air pump 700 I/h, 2 bar – 1


Liquid line

  1. Feed preparation tank with stirrer, 30 liter altuglass tank with stirrer and variable speed controller (Motorvarious Italy) -1
  2. Volumetric feed pump to study dilution control peristaltic pump, 230V, 50Hz, 350mA, Flowrate 1.5, 5 and 10 liter per hour adjustable by changing the tube size, Brand : Farnel UK – 1
  3. Plexiglas reactor tank, 25 liters – 1
  4. Plexiglas settling tank with air lift, 30 liters – 1
  5. Air injection rod – 1
  6. One turbine flowmeter – 1
  7. Two peristaltic pump to recycle the sludge card supply the substrate – 1
  8. Collection tank for purified water – 1
  9. Temperature probe for measuring oxidation tank’s temperature PT100 probe – 1
  10. Continuous pH measuring probe with transmitter and digital PID controller c/w galvanic separator – 1
  11. Continuous dissolved oxygen measuring probe with transmitter and digital PID controller -1
  12. Two injection pump for acid and base regulated at pH measurement – 1