Electrostatic Precipitator Trainer ENV 003

Sci-tech Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Trainer Model ENV 003 uses the induced electrostatic charge to remove the particles from the flow air stream. This system is designed to give the students an understanding of the electrostatic precipitator system. This ESP is a plate type precipitator.

Item Description

The apparatus comprises of a laboratory scale electrostatic precipitator unit, dust feeding system and a digital weighing meter. A venturi type flow meter is provided to measure the incoming air flow rates. It contained of a row of thin wires and followed by a stack of large flat metal plate. The air flow will flow through the thin wires and passes though the metal plate. High negative voltage will applied between the wires and plates. The ESP
has a dimension of 600x1000x600mm with a fan. The operating voltage for the ionizer is about 7000 VDC while for collector is about 8500 VDC. Air flow rates can be varied by controlling the fan speed. Dust tank is provided to inject the dust into the system. Digital weighing meter is provided to measure the dust collection by the ESP.

Technical Specifications

Experiment Test : Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) System
Apparatus Frame : Epoxy coated steel frame
ESP type : Plate type
ESP size : 600x1000x600mm
Fan rating : 1/4hp
Operating voltage : 7000VDC (ionizer); 8500VDC (collector)
Air flow meter : Digital anemometer
Anemometer range : Air velocity: 0 – 3m/s; Temperature: 0 – 65oC
Dust tank : Plexi-glass container
Digital weighing meter : 0 – 50kg with 0.5g resolution