Vacuum and Recharge Station Model RAC 067

Sci-tech Vacuum & Recharge Station Model RAC 067 is designed for charging R-134a or R-22 Refrigerant into refrigeration systems with hermetic compressors / Open Compressors. The unit consists of an oil sealed rotary high vacuum pump, Charging Manifold, Storage cylinders, gas measuring cylinder. High capacity vacuum pump evacuates the system to very low pressure (in microns). Accurate gas measuring cylinder enables charging the refrigerant in small quantities accurately.

Item Description

The unit is mounted on a mobile steel frame so that it can be carried easily in the workshop or outdoors Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

– Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
– Contains all necessary accessories required for charging of refrigerant in to systems.
– Mounted on mobile trolley for easy handling.
– Can be used for any refrigerant (R-134a, R-22, R-410 etc)

Technical Specifications

– The unit should allow for the filling and draining operations of the refrigerating fluid.
– The Refrigeration Plant Vacuum and Recharging Station should be composed of
– Portable recharge station with trolley-mounted frame, fitted with two-stage pump for high vacuum, graduated charging cylinder.

– The two-stage pump used is fitted with a ballast valve and anti-air return valve; flow rate: 4 m3/h; residual pressure: 0.02 mbar; 500 x 200 x 660 (h) mm
– Ratchet wrench
– Adjustable wrench max. opening 30 mm
– Cylinder connector
– Multi-gas electronic leak detector
– The equipment set for electricians and technicians for refrigeration plants maintenance should be composed of:
– Three-bin tool box
– Set of 13 double ended open jaw wrenches (mm)
– Set of 13 double ended open jaw wrenches (inches)
– Set 1 tube cutter and 1 flaring tool
– Adjustable wrench 19 mm
– Set of 6 screwdrivers for slot-head screws
– Set of 4 screwdrivers for “Phillips” screws
– Plastic hammer
– Flat-nose pliers with insulated handles 160 mm
– Half-round file, 8″ second cut
– Round file, 8″ second cut
– Poligrip pliers 190 mm
– Flat- file, 8″ second cut
– Digital electronic thermometer with surface probe; measuring range: – 50 + 199.9 °c; resolution: 0.1°C
– Set of copper pipes composed of:
– 5 m pipe 6×4 mm
– 5 m pipe 8×6 mm
– 5 m pipe 10×8 mm
– 5 m pipe 12×10 mm