Thermal Conductivity Through Lagged Pipes Apparatus Model TH 117

* Study of the concept of double & single lagging.
* study of effects of different insulating material combinations.
* Electrical input control & measurement with complete panelised instruments.
* Digital Temperature Indicator.

Item Description

Lagging of pipes is required to prevent leakages of heat. Sci-tech Thermal conductivity Through Lagged Pipes Apparatus Model TH 117 is designed to study the lagging phenomenon. In the Lagged pipe Apparatus, three concentric pipes are arranged between two supports. The gap between the pipes are filled compactly by two different insulating materials and heater is provided at the centre of inner pipe. Temperature at various points is measured with Temperature Indicator. Heat input is measured by Voltmeter -Ammeter. The assembly is mounted on angle frame.

Technical Specifications

i) M.S. Pipe Inside – 5 cm dia approx.
ii) M.S. Pipe Middle -10 cm dia approx.
iii) M.S. Pipe Outer -15 cm dia approx.
Length of Pipe @ 1mtr
Control panel consisting of: a) Voltmeter -0 – 100/200 volts.
b) Ammeter – 0 -2 Amp.
c) Dimmerstat for heater, 0-230 V, 2 Amps.
d) Digital Temperature Indicator: 0-300 degrees Celcius with 1 degree least count
e) Nichrome Cartridge heater of suitable capacity & length