Heat Exchanger: Double Pipe Type Model TH 118

– Mobile, compact, comprehensive, sturdy design.
– Fully instrumentation for experimentation of Double pipe heat exchanger.
– Direct reading of temperature, voltmeter and ammeter measurement.

Item Description

In Sci-tech Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Model TH 118 Cold water flows through the exchanger in a single pass, whereas hot water in recycled to a heated reservoir. Both fluid flow rates, their direction (concurrent or countercurrent), and the inlet hot temperature are monitored. All other inlet and outlet temperatures are monitored. In this way the rate of heattransfer find out.

Heat exchangers are so designed that chemical reactions or energy-generation processes can be carried out within them. The exchanger then becomes an integral part of the reaction system and may be known, for example, as a nuclear reactor, catalytic reactor, or polymerizer.

Technical Specifications

– 1/4 inch tube inside 1 inch tube heat exchangers made of copper and stainless steel.
– Steam-water blending system,
– Electronic flow meters,
– Thermocouples and temperature display.