Reaction Turbine Model FM 86

Sci-tech Reaction Turbine Model FM 086 includes a turbine rotor fitted with four nozzle-shaped exits. The rotor is mounted in a transparent housing. The air flows through the exit nozzles of the turbine rotor, expands and accelerates. The exiting air jet drives the turbine rotor according to the reaction principle. The load unit to determine the torque is placed outside of the housing.

Item Description

The conversion of pressure energy into kinetic energy in the rotor is characteristic for reaction turbines. In a reaction turbine, the static pressure of the working medium in front of the rotor is higher than behind it. In this case here, the working medium is air. The experimental unit allows to understand analogies to turbines driven by steam or water. Pressures at turbine inlet and turbine outlet are indicated on manometers. The torque is determined by force measurement on a band brake. The speed is measured with an optical speed sensor. Torque, speed and temperatures are digitally displayed. The volumetric air flow rate is read off a rotameter. The turbine is fitted with a quick-action stop valve as safety device in case of over-speed. The brake drum is aircooled. The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Technical Specifications

[1] study of a radial reaction turbine through which air flows
[2] compressed air operated, closed experimental set-up
[3] turbine load using a band brake
[4] air preparation unit to adjust the working pressure
[5] valve for adjusting the volumetric flow rate
[6] quick-action stop valve as overspeed protection for the turbine
[7] force sensor to determine the torque on turbine shaft
[8] optical speed sensor for measuring the turbine speed
[9] manometer to indicate pressures at inlet and outlet
[10] digital displays for speed, torque and temperature
[11] rotamenter for measuring the volumetric flow rate

Technical Specifications
Radial impulse turbine
– max. power output: 25W at 30000min-1
– rotor diameter: 50mm
– 4 outlet nozzles, diameter: 1,5mm each
Pressure controller of air preparation unit, adjustable: 0,5…8,5bar
Measuring ranges
– temperature: -20…1100°C
– speed: 0…50000min-1
– torque: 0…10Ncm
– volumetric flow rate: 25…315L/min
– inlet pressure: 0…2,5bar
– outlet pressure: 0…0,1bar
Radial impulse turbine
Max. power: 25 W at 30000 rpm
Wheel diameter: 50mm
4 outlet nozzles, diameter of each 1.5mm

Characteristic behavior of a reaction turbine
– power output dependent on volumetric flow rate, pressure and speed
– recording of torque characteristic
– determination of the turbine efficiency
– investigation of partial load operation due to throttling

Services Required
– Power Supply, 400V, 50Hz, 3 phases
– Compressed air connection: 6…10bar, max 300L/min