Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus Model TH 111

– Visual demonstrations of convective, nucleate and film boiling.
– Includes series of safety devices for operator safety.
– Optional Data Acquisition System with sensors & software.

Item Description

Sci-tech Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus Model TH 111 has been designed for students demonstrations on convective, nucleate and film boiling. The unit mainly consists of a thick walled glass cylinder fitted internally with a heating element and a coil type condenser. Instrumentations are provided for the measurement of temperature, pressure, flowrate and power. The unit helps students to understand better the heat transfer processes from a hot region to a colder one in countless industrial applications, e.g. thermal and nuclear power generation in steam plants, refrigeration, heat transmission, etc. locally warmed liquid expands and convection currents carry it to the liquid-vapour interface where evaporation takes place and thermal equilibrium is restored. Thus, in this mode, evaporation takes place at small temperature differences and with no bubble formation.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

1 Visualization of boiling and evaporation in a transparent pressure vessel
2 Evaporation with heating element
3 Condensation with tube coil
4 Safety valve protects against overpressure in the system
5 Pressure switch for additional protection of the pressure vessel, adjustable
6 Sensors for pressure, flow rate and temperature with digital display
7 Optional software for data acquisition via USB under Windows