Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine BSG 012

Sci-tech Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine Model BSG 012 is used to drive bulb loads or for heating system. Steam generators and steam consumers together form a steam power plant. Steam power plants work according to the Rankine cycle which is still one of the most important industrially used cyclic processes. Steam power plants are mainly used for electrical power generation.

Item Description


BSG 012 Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine

The steam generator and the axial steam turbine together form a complete laboratory-scale steam power plant. The BSG 012 trainer serves to familiarize students with the components and principle of operation of a steam generator and enables them to examine the characteristic values of the system. The numerous safety devices of the steam generator can be tested and checked using various monitoring devices.
If the steam generator is operated without the steam turbine, the generated steam is directly liquefied in a condenser and fed back into the evaporation circuit via a tank.
As all components are clearly arranged on the front panel, the cyclic process can be easily monitored and understood. Sensors record the temperature, pressure and flow rate at all relevant points. The measured values can be read on digital displays. At the same time, the measured values can also be transmitted directly to a PC via USB. Optionally the data acquisition software DAQ or SCADA can be included.
The steam generator has been constructed according to the Technical Regulations for Steam, pressure-tested and is equipped with all legally required safety devices.

Technical Specifications

1) Boiler: Independently certified electric boiler with manual control, pressure switches, safe pressure cut out and large capacity relief valve
Capacity 20 liters
Steam Pressure 8 kg/cm2
Standards Non IBR
Operation Electrical heaters

2) Turbine: Single stage, axial flow impulse (De Laval) turbine on a vertical shaft mounted in corrosion resistant sealed ball bearings.
Construction Convergent-divergent nozzle discharges at 20 to plane of turbine rotation and rotor has blades with 45 inlet and discharge angles.
Rotor diameter 50mm.
Maximum turbine speed 3,000 rpm.
Capacity 1 KW Max
Impeller inner diameter 54mm
Max. inlet pressure 8 bar abs.
Max. outlet pressure 1bar abs.

3) Water cooled Condenser:
Condenses turbine exhaust steam allowing heat rejection from the system to be measured.
Construction Coil tube type
Operating Pressure 2 kg/cm2 max

4) Feed Water Reservoir:
Collects condensate from the condenser for return via the feed pump to the boiler.

5) Feed Pump: low volume flow pump.

Capacity 0.5 HP
Flow rate 500 LPH

6) Flow Meters: –
For condenser cooling water. Allows measurement of heat rejection from the condenser.
Flow Rate 10 -1000 lph
Output 4-20 mA
Programmable Circuits for Calibrations of the Flow meters

7) Digital Thermometer
0.1ºC resolution, with multi-way selector switch for all relevant temperatures
Type Pt 100
Range 0-600 deg C

8) Pressure Sensors
Range 0-16 bar
Output 4-20 mA

9) Turbine load Digital indicator in Watts

10) Measuring ranges
1) Pressure
steam inlet: 0…16bar
condenser: 0…1,6bar
differential pressure: 0…50mbar
2) Cooling water flow rate: 0…720L/h
3) Speed: 0…3000 min-1
4) Load: 0…1000 Watts
5) Temperature: 0…400°C

Piping In S.S and Copper as per suitable application in the System

Model Number

BSG 012