Mini Steam Power Plant – 0.5KW BSG 011

Sci-tech Mini Steam Power Plant Model BSG 011 is a 500 Watts, comprehensive range of Steam Power Products and has been designed to allow teaching establishments to give students an appreciation of steam and its properties, without the larger capital investment normally required.


– Miniature model steam system of an Industrial Power System

– Simple construction allows easy training

– Low cost introduction to steam studies

– Ease of installation

– Comprehensive instrumentation

Size: 1200mmcm x 800mmcm x 1250mmcm (LxWxH)
Weight: 95 kg

Item Description



  • Demonstrates true Rankine Cycle with experimental procedures similar to real power plant
  • Quick to start & stabilize
  • Designed for fail-safe operation
  • Standard industrial equipment for rapid data collection
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • Easy and versatile operation


Sci-tech Steam Power Plant Model BSG 011-0.5KW is an energy conversion device used to generate mechanical power or electricity from fuels. Steam at high pressures and temperature is generated and its energy is absorbed by expanding in a turbine or an engine, which are usually coupled to the devices such as an alternator, generator, pump or a compressor. Thus the energy contained in the fuel is converted to useful purposes. Steam Power Plants are complex and consist of several components and instrumentation systems which are of interest to various training fields such as power plant engineering, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, propulsion, energy conversion, heat transfer, electronics and controls etc.

The Miniature Steam Power Plant Model BSG 011-0.5KW is a 500 Watts, laboratory scale bench top trainer unit, designed and developed to enable students to conduct experiments to study the various functional aspects of a steam power plant system and its components. The unit can also be used to demonstrate students the properties of steam. It is a scaled down model of the industrial power plant system and includes complete instrumentation. All components are mounted at the working height on a self supporting steel frame work

Technical Specifications


The boiler set consists of:

  • Boiler Unit:
    • Type: Vertical, water tube
    • Rated heat output: @ 18 KW (53,900 kcal/h)
    • Equivalent evaporation: @ 50Kg/h steam
    • Maximum working pressure: 5~10 kg/cm2 (0.98 MPa)
    • Measuring instruments: Pressure gauge for steam outlet

    : Temperature sensors for feed water, boiler outlet, exhaust stock (including ambient temperature)

    • Safety devices: Safety valve

    : Level gauge and switch at boiler

    : Low level alarm

    • Boiler accessories: Steam separator

    : Stack

    • Burner:
    • Type: Forced draft, pressure atomized
    • Control: On-Off
    • Fuel: Electric Heaters (Optional Diesel or Kerosene or LPG available)
    • Optional Fuel system: Stainless steel fuel tank, fuel strainer and fuel meter
    • Feed water system:
    • Resin filter for public water
    • Optional Soft water tank: Stainless steel
    • Water meter for steam rate monitoring
  • Steam Turbine
    • Type: Single stage, Single Disc
    • Maximum electrical output: @ 0.5KW, through Alternator: 220V, 50Hz, 1Ph
    • Casing: Vertically Split
    • Seals: 1 Carbon Ring on High Pressure side only
    • Bearing: Two for better load distribution
    • Speed Governor: Steam flow regulation by Globe Valve
    • Turbine Speed: @3000 RPM max.
    • Steam at Inlet Point: 25~35 Kg/ Hour /10.5 Bar G /190°C – 98% Dry
    • Steam at Discharge End: 25~35 Kg/ Hour / 1.0 Bar G / 120 °C – Wet
    • Thermal Efficiency of the Turbine: @47%
    • Mechanical Efficiency of the Turbine: @33%
    • Assumed mech. efficiency for the AC Generator: @ 84%
    • Overall Efficiency of the Unit: @25%
    • Inlet & Discharge Connections 15 mm Globe valve – & 75 mm Flange
    • Measuring instruments:
    • Speed sensor for turbine
    • Temperature sensors for steam inlet and outlet
    • Pressure gauge for steam inlet
    • Water manometer for turbine outlet
    • Lamp Load (Through built in Alternator)
    • Voltage: 220V, 1Ph. 50Hz
    • Load Lamps: 1 set
    • Measuring instruments: Generator speed digital display

    : Voltage and current digital display


    • Condenser and Cooling Tower
    • Condenser: The unit allows a study of heat transfer in a heat exchanger as well as recover condensate for reuse
    • Type: Steam tube
      • Cooling tower (Optional): An educational unit for recovering of condenser cooling water as well as studying of cooling tower efficiency
        • Accessories and instruments:

        : Cooling water pump

        : Water meter

        : Condensate tank – Stainless steel

        : Temperature sensors for condensate, cooling water inlet and outlet

        : Strainer

      • Software: ‘Sci-CalR for data display and analysis


  • Model BSG 011/01: Sand filter for water with suspended materials
  • Model BSG 011/02: Carbon filter for water with odor or rust
  • Model BSG 011/03: Pressure sensor
  • Model BSG 011/04: Fuel flow totalizer
  • Model BSG 011/05: Feed water flow totalizer
  • Model BSG 011/06: Cooling water flow sensor
  • Model BSG 011/07: Diesel or Gas boiler instead of Electric boiler
  • Portable pH meter
  • Model BSG 011/08: Water brake dynamometer – connected to the turbine for measurement of mechanical output. Speed, torque sensors and indicators provided
  • Model BSG 011/09: Electric super heater – provides superheated steam for other use such as for a steam turbine. Saturated steam from the boiler is further heated in the electric super heater. Instruments are provided for measurement of temperature and pressure. The test is to be carried out at low steam rate and compare thermal efficiency for saturated and super heated steam.
  • Model BSG 011/010: ‘Sci-CalR Computer interface – Sensors with computer interface unit for key data acquisition instead of analogue data measuring instruments
  • Model BSG 011/011: PLC Computer Control – comprises:
  • Turbine inlet steam throttle control
  • Additional sensors include pressure for boiler and turbine inlet, fuel flow instead of fuel meter, water flow instead of feed and condenser cooling water meters
  • Computer interfaced unit for pressure, temperature, fuel flow, water flow, speed voltage and current
  • Additional software for PLC control through computer


  • Study of actual Rankine Cycle in steam power plant.
  • Study of specific consumption of steam against power generated.
  • Determination of Thermal, Plant Efficiency under variable load conditions.
  • Study Steam Turbine Performance at various speeds.
  • Determination of frictional losses at various turbine pressures.
  • Determine quality of Steam used.
  • Demonstration of actual power generation using Power Generation Module (Optional)

Model Number

BSG 011