Mini Steam Power Plant BSG 011M1

Sci-tech Mini Steam Power Plant Model BSG 011M1 is the smallest in our comprehensive range of Steam Power Products and has been designed to allow teaching establishments to give students an appreciation of steam and its properties, without the larger capital investment normally required.


– Miniature model steam system of an Industrial Power System

– Simple construction allows easy training

– Low cost introduction to steam studies

– Ease of installation

– Comprehensive instrumentation

Item Description


BSG 011M1 Mini Steam Power Plant

A small gas fired boiler supplies steam to a single cylinder double-acting reciprocating engine which drives, by means of a belt, a small DC generator with switchable resistive loading. The exhaust steam from the engine is condensed in a water cooled condenser, the condensate being measured by weighing the collecting beaker provided. Instrumentation to measure various temperatures throughout the plant, steam pressure, fuel and cooling water flow, together with voltage and current loading on the DC generator, is provided.

Technical Specifications

– Electrical Steam Boiler with a design pressure of 4 bar g

– Gas consumed from and at 1000C

– Boiler Feed Pump (Centrifugal) and Feed Water Tank

– Steam Engine: Single cylinder double acting reciprocating

– Model Steam Engine: Stroke 19.05 mm. Normal Power output 3.3 watts at 1200 rpm

– Steam Engine: single rotor stage model steam turbine, diameter 75mm

– DC Generator: Coupled to the engine by a driving belt, with resistive load bank of 4 lamp bulbs each with nominal rating of [email protected] (i.e. 20 Ohms giving off 1.8 watts)

– Condenser Unit: Shell and Tube atmospheric type condenser. Condensate collection by metal beaker. Minimum cooling water flow rate 0.5 litres/min.

– INSTRUMENTATION comprehensive instrumentation is supplied comprising:

Pressure: Boiler steam via 0-6 bar pressure gauge

Temperatures: Ambient air

Boiler feed water

Boiler steam

Turbine steam inlet

Turbine steam exhaust

Condenser cooling water inlet

Condenser cooling water outlet


Flowmeters: Fuel(gas)

Cooling water (50-800cc/mm)