Hydro Electro Power Plant Model BSG 017

Sci-tech Hydro Electro Power Plant Model BSG 017 on a miniature scale explains the main features of an electrical power generation from a hydro dam.

Size: 1200mmcm x 800mmcm x 750mmcm (LxWxH)
Weight: 95 kg

Item Description


  • The turbine-generator unit is equipped with a 6-jet water distribution system. In correspondence of each jet, a nozzle or a cap can be installed, thus modifying the geometry with which the water hits the turbine. Nozzles of different diameter are provided.
  • 3 jets can be externally intercepted
  • The turbine-generator unit can be disconnected from the system, for drawing the external characteristic curve.

Energy saving and environmental pollution reduction are crucial global issues. Using renewable energies as alternative sources to fossil fuels can address both issues, with great benefits especially in countries where traditional energy sources are scarce.

Sci-tech Hydro-Electric Power Plant Model BSG 017 enables experimental investigation on the conversion of hydraulic energy into electricity by means of a Pelton turbine. The system configuration is stand- alone (isolated from the grid). The equipment is manufactured using real components available on the market.

Operating Principle

  • If no load is connected to the system, all the produced energy is dissipated in air or used to charge the battery pack, to be ordered separately.
  • In case some loads are connected to the system, the produced energy partially feeds the loads and partially charges the battery pack (optional item) or is dissipated in air.
  • When the consumption is higher than the power available from the water, the power surplus is given by the battery pack (optional item).

Technical Specifications


BSG 017 Hydro Electro Power Plant Model

The system consists of:

  1. A) Mini hydroelectric power plant mounted on castors including:

1) Turbine-generator unit with water distributor
2) Variable speed centrifugal pump
3) Stainless steel water tank

4) Flow rate sensor
5) Pressure sensor and pressure gauge


  1. B) Table top control panel including:

1)  Controller with air dissipation system

2)  Sinewave inverter

3)Electric loads

4)  Electric instrumentation for detecting the energy flows in different branches of the circuit

5)  Sci-CalR Data acquisition board with USB interface for PC connection




Mini hydroelectric power plant mounted on castors:

  • Turbine-generator unit:
    – AISI 304 stainless steel Pelton turbine, d = 100 mm, blade no. = 20
    – 6-jet distributor
    – 3 jets can be externally intercepted
    – permanent magnets synchronous generator – rated voltage: 25 VAC Three phase – frequency: 200 Hz- nominal electric power output: 0,5 kW (height 30 m, flow rate 3 l/s)
    – generator speed: 3000 rpm
  • AISI 304 stainless steel horizontal axis multistage mono-block pump:

– power: 0,75 kW
– maximum flow rate: 10 m3/h
– maximum head: 43 m
– frequency converter for rpm adjustment

• AISI 304 stainless steel water tank, capacity: 250 liters
• AISI 304 stainless steel hydraulic circuit feeding the turbine-

generator unit with:
– ball valve and dial vacuum gauge, range: -1 ÷ 5 bar,

at pump suction
– dial pressure gauge, range: 0 ÷ 6 bar, and gate valve

at pump discharge
– ball valve at distributor-tank by-pass

Flow rate sensor for measuring and transmitting the water flow rate to the control panel
• Transducer type: rotating vane
• Range: 25 ÷ 250 liters/minute

Pressure sensor for measuring and transmitting the water pressure to the control panel
• Transducer type: piezoresistive
• Range: 0 ÷ 16 bar

Table top control panel:

• Steel structure with:
– front side: comprehensive colored diagram of the system
– back side: AC loading system consisting of 5 x 30 W (equivalent) switchable lamps • Controller

– Rectifier
– Air dissipation system
– Digital voltmeter for the DC parameters – Digital ammeter for the DC parameters

• Inverter
– continuous output power: 600 W
– peak output power: 1200 W
– input voltage: 24 Vdc
– output voltage: 230 Vac – 50 Hz
– output waveform: modified sine wave
– stop for low battery charge
– protection against overload, short circuit, overtemperature

• Instrumentation
– multifunction instruments, microprocessor-based,

for AC parameters
• Socket for connection to the spotlight AC 220V


Sci-CalR PC data acquisition

  • The trainer includes a data acquisition board with USB interface for connection to PC and voltage and current converters.
    • A specific software (developed with LabView) is supplied to monitor the system parameters.


  • Parameters displayed:
    – All DC and AC parameters

    – Water pressure and flow rate

    The software enables to:

    – Calculate the hydraulic energy conversion efficiency

    • –  Visualize the energy flows to and from turbine-generator

    unit, battery pack (if present) and inverter

    • –  Draw the characteristic curve efficiency / flow rate to find

    out the point of maximum performance of the turbine- generator unit


    • Components of a stand-alone hydraulic system for electricity production
    • Effect of water pressure variation on the electric power produced by the generator
    • Effect of applied load variation on the electric power produced by the generator
    • Hydraulic energy conversion efficiency
    • Battery charging system management
    • Operation and efficiency of a DC/AC inverter

Model Number

BSG 017