Power Engineering Trainer Model ELTR 026

Power Engineering Trainer Model ELTR 026
  • Each of following independent PET trainer may need a few set of associated panels (7-8 nos. typically) which are mounted in a light weight sturdy aluminum profile flat demo panel system.
  • Facilitates easy and safe wiring by students due to use of 4mm sturdy Shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded socket arrangements for high voltage circuits
  • Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screw-less overlays showing circuits diagrams & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connection 4. Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook.

Item Description

Choice of Power Engineering Trainer PET-1: Select one or more trainer.

Model Name Specifications PSS/Gen Generation & Transformer PET/TL
Transmission line
PET/SSD Substation Switching
& Distribution
Rack Configuration &
No. of panels
4 x 2 (7) 5 x 2 (7) 5 x 2 (9)
Resource Panels needed EMT4, EMT8, EMT9 (3nos). EMT5A/5B, EMT6A/6B, EMT26A/26B, EMT34 EMT1, EMT34 (2nos) Table Top-EMT38 (2nos). EMT14A/B (dual panel) EMT 15 A/B (dual Panel), P30 phase sequence indicator EMT41 (9 Nos)
Table Top M/C’s / accessories Trunnion mounted DC 1 HP shunt machine coupled to 3ph salient pole alternator 1KVA, 415VAC, 50Hz Transformer 1KVA 3ph 415:415VAC 50Hz, 3 phase dimmer: I/P 415V, 3ph, 50Hz O/P: 0-470V, 3A, 3
List of Experiments 1. Regulation of 3 ph alternator by :

a) Synchronous impedance method

b) ZPF or POTIER method

c)  Actual load test

2. Determination of :

a) Direct axis and quadrate axis sub transient reactance Xd” & Xq”.

b) Zero sequence reactance X0.

c) Negative sequence reactance X2


1. Understanding phase sequence of a 3phphase source.

2. Working with bi-directional 3ph AC measurement panel observing flow of real & reactive power & optionally Modbus communication with PC.
3. No load test & Ferranti effect.
4. Determination of transmission line constants (ABCD) by experimental measurement using 2-port method as well as by knowing components valves.

5. Load test & calculation of regulation, efficiency of transmission line.

6. Receiving end circle diagram
7. Sending end circle diagram.
8. Combined power circle diagram.
9. Per unit representation

To Study following configuration

1. single Bus Configuration

2. Double Bus Double Breaker Configuration

3. Main & Transfer Bus configuration

4. Double Bus Single Breaker Configuration

5. Ring Bus configuration

6. Breaker and a Half Configuration

Mechanical dimension (mm) / Kg. Wt. 1170(L) x 300(W) x 990(H)


1170(L) x 300(W) x 545(H)


Model Name Specifications      PET/SCADA   

       Smart PET


PET/PR-I Protection Relays-I PET/PR-II Protection Relays -II
Rack. Configuration & No. of panels 4 x 2 (8) 4 x 2 4 x 2
Resource Panels needed Converter cum distribution panel (CDP), Simulation cum extension panel (SEP), Power supply panel-Auxiliary substation power supply 24VDC, Relay Panel. EMT16, EMT23, EMT39, EMT20F EMT16, EMT23, EMT39, EMT20F
Table Top M/C’s / accessories Select one or more of the following
IDMT over current Relay
Over / under voltage Relay Earth Fault Relay Differential Relay
Select one or more of the following
Reverse power relay Under/over frequency relay
Phase balance / sequence relay
Power factor relay Distance Relay
List of Experiments Study of;
DCS consisting of PLC networked over RS485 with MultiDrop SCADA S/W [Supplied on Installable CD] with MODBUS capability USB H/W lock.
Protection Relay [optionally MODBUS RS485 configurable]
PLC receives trip contact from protection relays, circuit breakers & provides trip outputs to circuit breaker between various power substations like generation transformer transmission line substation switching network etc.
To plot characteristics curve / behavior To plot characteristics curve/ behavior
Mechanical dimension (mm) / Kg. Wt. 960(L) x 300(W) x 545(H) 960(L) x 300(W) x 545(H) 960(L) x 300(W) x 545(H)

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Input 3 phase DOL Starter panel (EMT1)

  • 4 pole MCB of 415 V/2A.
  • DOL 9A Contactor with 230V / 50 Hz / 11VA COIL.
  • Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 1.4A – 2.3A.


Resistor Load (EMT14A/14B)

(1)        AC Resistors = 10K/5K/3.5K/2.5K/2K/1.5K/off

200WX3 phases/ 6 taps

(2)        DC Resistors = 750E/600E/300E/212E/162E/ 125E/off

112E/100E/400W / 6 taps off

LC Load (EMT 15A/15B) panel

(A)       Inductive load = 0.75H/3H/300mAX3Nos.

(B)       Capacitive load =1.25uF/2.5uF/5uF/415VX 3Nos.

1 phase Motor, Alternator & Sync. Motor Panel (EMT 16)

  • 1 phase MCBs of 4A/1.6A – 2nos.
  • 2 no. 2P2W selector switches to run as 1 phase alternator then as synchronous motor.
  • 8A pushbutton switch to simulate as centrifugal switch.


Integrated AC 1 phase measurement panel (EMT20F )

  • Consist of 96x96mm Digital meters one each for 1 phase Measures V, I, PF (0.2 lag unity 0.2 lead), Hz. Hence separate analog wattmeters (3phase, 1phase) are not needed.
  • Current specs for 1 phase meter =1A/5A

Variable voltage & current injector panel (EMT23)

  • Consist of 1 phase dimmer 230VAC/1A
  • Short circuit transformer with primary 230VAC/1A, secondary 1V/ 20A.


Integrated AC 3 phase measurement panel (EMT34 )

  • Consist of 96 x 96mm Digital meters for 3 phase . Measures V, I,  PF (0.2 lag unity  0.2 lead), Hz. Hence separate analog  wattmeters ( 3 , 1) are not needed.


Transmission line panel (EMT 38)

  • Simulated model for short transmission line using R (10 ohm) & L (45 mH) components.
  • Simulated model for medium length transmission line for II model.
  • Simulated model for medium length transmission line for T model.


Over current and elapsed time measurement Panel (EMT39)

  • Consists of AC ammeter of 20A.
  • Elapsed time counter range 999.001 msec, resolution 1msec.


Phase sequence indicator and study Expt. Panel (P30)

  • Study 3 phase 440V Electric utility supply.
  • Determination of over voltage, under voltage, single phasing and reverse phasing / Displays OV, UV, SP, RP on digital display.
  • 9 V Battery / +12V Supply operated.