Electrical Power System Trainer: Distribution System Model ELTR 025

• Self-contained teaching module, ideal for class and project work
• Part of Sci-tech’s Modular Power System – can connect to other parts of the system for even more experiments
• Allows investigations of radial and ring-main distribution circuits
• Examines transmission efficiency, voltage drop and voltage regulation, effect of cable size, and the effect of transformation.

Part of the Modular Power System range, the Distribution Trainer examines different parts of
electrical power distribution, from basic circuits to balanced and unbalanced three-phase systems.
The console has two working sections:
• an upper panel that shows the basics of distribution, and
• a lower panel that shows more advanced three-phase power distribution.


Item Description

• Shows effect of line length losses and relationship between useful and transmitted power
• Built-in industrial-standard digital protection relays give wide range of functions – module also includes extra socket for additional relay to give more experiments
• Detailed mimic diagram and clear labelling help students’ understanding
• Includes work surface and cable racks for convenient and efficient use
• Includes supplies, circuit protection, internal loads, instruments and controls

Technical Specifications

Protection relays:
• 1 x single phase current
• 1 x three phase current
• 1 x three-phase voltage and current
Low voltage supplies:

0–30 volts d.c. or 0–30 volts a.c.
• 2 x low-voltage single-phase 150 VA (one step up
30 V:240 V, the other step down 240 V:30 V)
• 1 x line power 5 kVA three-phase delta-star Dy11 –
reduces the incoming supply down to 220/230 V
• 1 x line receive 3 kVA three-phase delta-star Dy11 with
star point link to earth 220 V/110 V three-phase.
Includes tap selection on its primary windings of ±10%,
±7.5%, ±5%, ±2.5%, and 0%.
Three-phase loads:
• 220 V star-connected resistive, inductive and capacitive
• 110 V delta-connected resistive

Essential Services
The module can connect directly to an electrical supply as a stand-alone unit.
Electrical supply:
Three-phase 5 kVA, 50 Hz or 60 Hz (specify on order)
Electrical supply :
Three-phase 380/415 V, 32 A, 50 Hz or 60 Hz (specify on order)
Floor space needed:
Approximately 3 m x 2 m of solid, level floor
Operating Conditions
Operating environment:
Laboratory environment
Storage temperature range: –25ºC to +55ºC (when packed for transport).
Operating temperature range: +5ºC to +40ºC
Operating relative humidity range: 80% at temperatures < 31ºC decreasing linearly to 50% at 40ºC
Sound Levels: Less than 70 dB(A)