Permeability/Fluidization Studies Apparatus Model FM 63

Sci-tech Permeability / Fluidization Studies Apparatus Model FM 63 is designed to study characteristics of flow through bed of particles.

Item Description

The apparatus consists of a cylinder filled with various type of bed granular medium (for example; sand), a constant head water tank is connected to cylinder which allows water flow through the cylinder. Utility water supply tap passes through a constant head tank, with also allows air bubbles to be released, and is controlled by hand with a needle valve. The rate of flow is indicated by variable area meter. Pressure drop across the bed is measured by 0.5m mercury manometer. Valves are fitted for isolation of various part circuit, together with air release valves. The test section tube and all tubing connections are clear color type so that the operation can be observed and present of bubbles easily detected. The apparatus frame works is made steel tube with epoxy coated for corrosion resistant.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

? Compact bench top unit with noncorrosive components
? Transparent components & Tubing for better visualization.
? Includes precision Flow meter & differential manometer for accurate measurement

Technical Specifications

? Six stirrers with stainless steel paddles, linked to a variable speed motor with electronic feedback speed control
? Sample tube I/D: 38mm
? Sample tube length: 507mm
? Flow meter range: 50-800ml/min
? 0.5m water differential manometer
? 0.5m Mercury manometer

Experiment Capabilities
? Pressure drop measurement flow through packed beds.
? Verification of Kozeny’s equation.
? Characteristics of a liquid fluidized bed.
? Measurement of permeability of selected solids.
? Attrition test

Required Services
? Tap Water & Drainage