Spray Dryer Model TH 042

– Designed to demonstrate principle of spray drying method of aqueous solutions.
– Can be used for drying wide range of products.
– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary measuring instruments & Safety Devices.

Item Description

Scitech Spray Dryer Model TH 042 is designed for the rapid spray drying processes involving aqueous solutions, suspensions and colloids. The unit should analyze this drying method for obtaining powered products from solutions, suitable for during thermo-sensitive products. This spray dryer has been designed for educational and research laboratories and it enables to obtain the product micronized in short time, as well as valid data for scale up. The trainer consists of a heating system, drying chamber, collecting bottle, spray nozzle, peristaltic pump. The solution is sprayed into hot air inside the drying chamber using stainless steel spray nozzle. The dried products are collected in collecting bottle. The hot air temperature can be controlled using a programmable controller. All parts in contact with the product are of stainless steel and of borosilicate glass.

Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Wheeled AISI 304 stainless steel structure
– Atomization system with stainless steel spray nozzle
– Peristaltic pump adjustable up to 1500 ml/h
– Variable speed fan
– Integrated compressor
– Heating system of 3000 W
– Temperature programmable up to 200-250◦C
– Drying chamber of borosilicate glass with collecting bottle of borosilicate glass
– Pipe for exhausted vapours
– Touch screen control panel
– Complete theoretical-Experimental handbook including exercises in English Language
– The bidder should clearly indicate all the required services for a perfect operation

Services Required
– Electric Supply 230 V AC, 16 A, Single Phase, Earthed.
– Tap water supply & drainage