Optical Fiber Transmission Trainer TCM 001-12M

Digital Communication refers to the field of study concerned with the transmission of digital data. In contrast with analog communications, a digital transmission can be broken down into discrete messages.

Item Description

Transmitting data in discrete messages allows for greater signal processing capability. The ability top process a communications signal means that errors caused by random processes can be detected and corrected…..can also be sampled instead of continuously monitored and multiple signals can be multiplexed together to form one signal.
Different techniques of Digital communications can be understood by working on these kits that are accompanied with detailed student manuals. Circuit diagrams, inscriptions and legends printed on the pcb facilitates understanding the circuitry better and faster. Test Points are provided to analyze signals at different stages.

Technical Specifications

■ Optical Fiber Transmission Training System
■ Power : AC – DC Adapter :
AC Input : 100 ~ 240 V, DC Output : 15V, 500mA
■ Microphone Circuit :Frequency Range : 20HZ ~ 2KHz, With x 20 amplitude circuit
■ Pushbutton Switch : N. O. Type, With LED indication
■ Function Generator :
With analogue sine – wave, output amplitude adjustable
With digital squire-wave, CMOS level output
Frequency Range : 6Hz ~ 2KHz
■ Output Speaker :4Ω, ¼ W
■ Transmitter :
Optical fiber light : Red LED, λ = 660 m
Max. drive current : 50mA, Effective coupling micro-lens spotlight
Emitter follower transmission
■ Receiver:
Optical receiver diode:
1. λ Peak : 880nm
2. Connectable 1000μm Core plastic optical fiber
3. Effective coupling micro lens spotlight
4. Max. Consumption power : 100mW

With amplify, gain, restoring – Sharpness circuit
■ Data Transmission :
Chip Set : AVR 8515, 4 bits, 89S52, 8 bit, 8MHz crystal
LCD : back light 20 x 2 letter chip
Key board : 4 x 4 16 key
Character mode : Single letter or string of letter available
Send mode : OFF, Transceiver, PC → module, Module → PC With reset function
Communication interface: RS – 232C, 9600 Baud Rate
■ Software Requirement: Windows Base
■ Accessories:
2mm – 2mm Test Lead (1 Set), Plastic Fiber Optics ( 1 Set)
9P – 9P Cable, Transceiver Software Disc., AC – DC Adaptor power module
Connect Plug Pitch = 10 mm, Head Phone and Micro Phone
Experimental Manual