Micro-Controller Interface & Study Modules

Sci-tech IC-XX Series Interfacing Modules are useful for Teaching/Training to interface with any Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Embedded and VLSI Trainer Kits.

Item Description

These Modules are designed to interface with M8XXX Series, MCU Port I/O’s, 50 Pin KXT Bus. All the Interfacing Modules are enclosed in wooden enclosures or molded plastic or metal enclosed.

Technical Specifications

01.  IC-01   ADC-0809 Interfacing Module

02.       IC-02   DAC-0800 Interfacing Module

03.       IC-03   AD574 Interfacing Module

04.       IC-04   Digital Input & Output Interfacing Module

05.       IC-05   Elevator Simulator Interfacing Module

06.       IC-06   IC Tester Interfacing Module for IC-7400

07.       IC-07   Four Digit Seven Segment Display Module

08.       IC-08   Stepper Motor Controller Card with Motor

09.       IC-09   5×4 Key’s Matrix Keyboard Interfacing Module

10.       IC-10   16×1 LCD Display Module

11.       IC-11   16×2 LCD Display Module