Level Control Trainer Model PCT 033

Sci-tech Level Control Trainer Model PCT 033 offers the complete closed loop of a filing level control system. The concept and equipment permit the experimental examination of all important problems found in control technology. A transparent plastic cylinder is used as the filling level tank, into which a centrifugal pump moves water from a tank with sight glass. The filling level is recorded by a pressure transducer, which permits the further processing of the measured value by emitting a standardized current signal. The actuator in the circuit is a pneumatic control valve. The switch box contains an industrial controller, a chart recorder and all required electrical measuring equipment. The entire trainer is mounted on a movable frame with four castors.

Item Description

– Computer Controlled
– Trainer for the experimental
– Examination of all important Problems found in control technology
– Modern digital universal controller
– Integrated chart recorder

Technical Specifications

1. Mobile trainer to investigate basic control-related relationships within a filling level control system
2. Centrifugal pump, 95ltr/min, max.12.5m
3. Measuring tank 7ltr, filling level 0…0.6m
4. Electronic pressure transducer for filling level, output 4…20mA
5. Pneumatic control valve DN20, Reference variable 4…20mA, characteristic curve equal-percentage, nominal stroke 15mm
6. Paperless recorder
7. Digital universal controller
8. Network power supply 230V/~50Hz, compressed air 3…8bar

Technical data
Centrifugal pump: max. 95ltr/min,
Head: max.12.5m
Measuring tank: max. 7ltr, filling level: 0…0.6m,
Electronic pressure transducer for filling level
Pneumatically activated control valve DN20
Reference variable: 4…20mA,
Nominal stroke: 15mm, characteristic curve, equal-percentage
Paperless recorder, 2 x 4…20mA,
Feed: 0…3600mm/h, stepped
Universal controller, external set point input: 4…20mA
Dimension and weight
L x w x h: 1000x 700 x 1750 mm
Weight: approx.110kg
230V, ~50Hz
Compressed air: 3…8 bar
Scope of delivery
1 trainer, complete, a data cable, 1 instruction manual